Where is the fairy???

Hubby was away for a couple of nights this week. I missed him terribly and it was so lovely when he got home. I loved having him back for cuddles, chat and help with bubba. What I didn't miss, however, was the fairy that was expected to visit. Now, before anyone thinks I am going crazy and call the men in white coats, bear with me. I can't be the only one who feels like their spouse (or even their older kids) thinks there is a cleaning fairy?!

Hubby comes home from being away, dumps his bags in the corner of the porch, all still fully packed with clothes and toiletries in etc. Who is going to unpack them, put all the washing in the clothes in and put away his stuff? 
He takes a glass of water to bed with him each night and each morning trots downstairs leaving said glass on the bedside table. Who takes that down stairs?
He goes into the garden and when he comes in, treads mud through the kitchen. Who sweeps that up? 
Hubby opens a new bottle of milk and leaves the foil thingy on the worktop. Who puts that in the bin? 

Well, it must be the cleaning fairy as surely he doesn't expect me to clear up after him?? My question is, where the bloody hell is the freeking fairy as it always seems to be me putting his stuff away, sweeping up the mud, taking his glass down and throwing away the rubbish. 

If anyone sees this elusive cleaning fairy can you get her to tweet me please as I'm starting to get a little bit sick of her lack of attendance to my house. 

Thanks very much



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