#BML16 Introduction

If you have been reading my blog for a while then you will know that a couple of months ago I announced that the wonderful people at Kiddylicious were sponsoring me to attending the biggest parenting blogging conference in the UK...Brit Mums Live and with just over a month left to go until the big day, their 'I'm going to #BML16' linky is now open for us bloggers to introduce ourselves. I think it is such a great idea to run something like this as it means that newbies like me get a chance to see if there is anyone going that they know of and see if their will be any familiar faces. So...for those how don't know...here is a little about me!

My Name:
Ami Roberts

My Blog:
My Mummy Spam

Find me on social media at:

How I look:
I hate trying to describe myself as I always find it really difficult to so here's a photo instead..and this will probably be the look of excited fear that I have on my face on the day as well! :)

Is this my first blogging event:
YES!!! Well, that isn't strictly true as I have been to a couple of small events but this will be my first big event with more than 10 bloggers in attendance. I am so nervous about it but also super excited as I have a little group of mummy bloggers that I get to meet and get to know a little better. I still can't help but worry that I will be the one no one knows sitting in the corner on her own cradling her glass of wine!! :)

I will be wearing...
Clothes that don't make me look too fat hopefully! I hate having to pick clothes as I am a bigger girl and I always feel fat in most things but I will most probably end up wearing skinny jeans and a top or a summery dress.

What I hope to gain from #BML16:
Apart from the opportunity to meet so many fellow bloggers, I am really looking forward to learning more about Pintrest and YouTube (2 of the sessions that are running).

My tips for a great conference:
I can't give any tips as I am a newbie but I would like to make a plea..If you see me at #BML16 then please come and say hello to me or at least give me a friendly smile as it will make me feel so much less scared and at ease :)

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