Fitness Friday!

You may remember that towards the end of last year I started a fitness section of my blog where I focused on my journey to get my body back. Unfortunately, due to some personal circumstances, my journey sort of went off track and disappeared but IT IS BACK!!!

I have missed exercising, have gone back to eating crap and am once again feeling pretty rubbish about myself. But, there is no point in dwelling on that as there is only one person who can change that and that person is ME! From today, I will be publishing a weekly post which I am going to treat a little like a diary documenting my new healthy life style. I am not planning on doing any faddy diets and they just don't work for me so I am seeing this as a lifestyle change. To change my lifestyle I am going to:

Make better choices with my food and stick to my meal plans.

Make exercise a part of my day to day life by running twice a week and doing Julia B's online gym classes (see what that is all about here!) twice a week.

Drink more water! At least 2 liters per day.

Use the My Fitness pal app to track what I am eating.

Sounds simple right? And I am not going to make excuses as to not seeing things through. To track my progress I am going to be looking at inch loss as well as weight loss and have some before pictures (that look awful and I don't want to post them yet!) that I will compare with after pictures when I am at a stage where I am happy. So my starting stats are as follows:

Upper Arms -               14 inches
Thighs-                         29 inches
Hips -                            48.5 inches
Belly -                          48 inches
Bum -                           47.5 inches
Bust -                           46 inches

Weight-                       16.6 stone (disgusting I know!!!)

So, come with me on my journey to get my body back and if you do have any tips or helpful hints then please do let me know :)

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