Fitness Friday!

It's Friday and that means that it's time to talk about fitness!!
This was really my first full week getting back into our healthy life style and I have actually really enjoyed myself and not found it too awful. I almost felt like I had a complete mind shift and found myself really thinking about food and snacking and how many calories were in certain foods etc. I thought the easiest way to document my fitness journey would be to do a 'good bit' and a 'not so good bit' so I can see what is going well and what isn't.

Good bits!

  • I have been loving the My Fitness Pal app. It is making me feel so accountable for what I am eating and I love that it shows how many calories are in things just by scanning the bar code. During the week I was offered a little chocolate eclair sweet and when I checked there was 60 calories in that 1 little sweet...60!!! I would never have thought about it had it not been for the app. If you are trying to loose weight I would highly recommend downloading it as it also works out what you can have each day etc. 
  • I have found some really healthy meals and snacks recently that I am loving! For breakfast I have been having yogurt with fruit and granola and honestly think it is sooo scrummy and leaves me feeling full until lunch time. I have also developed a mad obsession with popcorn as a snack! I've been having the Metcalf Skinny popcorn which is only 78 calories per bag! Result!!!!
  • Exercise! Might sound a little crazy but I have loved going out for runs and being back doing the Julia B ignite programme. It most definitely hasn't been easy and I have had to force myself out a few times but once I have finished I know that it has been well worth it as I feel great.
Not so good bits!
  • The weather. You might be thinking 'what on earth could the weather have to do with being healthy and loosing weight' well I have one thing to say. BBQ's. I am a sucker for a BBQ and we had one on Saturday with some friends. I didn't count my calories, I wasn't tracking the burgers and chicken and minted lamb and wine I was consuming. I was just enjoying myself with my little family and our friends and do you know what..I don't even feel bad about it :) Although it is bad as i should have been watching what I was eating but everyone is allowed an off day right? 
  • Time!! I have found it a little difficult this week to fit everything in. What with blogging, learning lines for a play, looking after the house, working, being out enjoying the sunshine, meal prepping and planning and exercising it has been a bit of a manic week but I am hoping that once Hubby's works calms down a bit (as he is super busy at the moment) then he will be able to be around a little to help and give me a little more time. 
So now for the bit I dread...measurements.. 

Upper arms:                  14 inches (no loss)
Thighs:                          27 inches (1.5 loss!!!)
Hips:                             47 inches (1.5 loss!!!)
Belly:                            47 inches (1.5 loss!!!)
Bum:                             47 inches (0.5 loss)
Bust:                             45.5 inches (1 loss!!)

Weight........drum roll please... 

16 stone 2 lbs  (4 lbs loss!!)

I have really happy with this as I have worked super hard this week. I do think that I will loss weight and inches quickly to start with as I do have so much to loose but I am sure I will get to the point where it becomes really hard to loose but for now...YAYYY...I've lost weight :)

Thanks for all of your support so far and hopefully I will have good news to report again next week :)


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