Happiness and sunshine!!

They say that the best things in life are free and yesterday I throughly agreed with that statement. We are fortunate enough to live right near the sea and as it was such a beautifully sunny day today we decided to take a wander down the sea front. Southend sea front has a public space with about 20 water fountains in the ground and I have always smiled when I have seen the little ones running round, splashing in the water and shouting with glee. Yesterday.. Bubba was one of those little ones.

 Bubba was very unsure to start as I don't think he could understand why there was water shooting out from the ground but after about a minute of poking the water and working it all out he was off and having the time of his life!!

He ran around those fountains for about half an hour and I don't think I stopped smiling the whole time. It was so heart warming and wonderful to see hubs and bubs running around, splashing each other and giggling and then bubs would come and get me and we would have to swap so he could show me around.

It was outside, fun and free and those simple fountains filled my heart with joy...and gave me a whole host of fantastic pictures and footage to smile back on.

The best things in life are really free. Happiness, smiles and sunshine :)

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