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Prior to having Bubba I used to love nothing more than pampering myself. Long baths, exfoliating treatments, face masks...the works. One of my favourite products to use was self tan. I have had my fair share of dodgy tans and have always struggled to find a product that I can use at home and that doesn't leave me looking like a streaky, patchy, orange mess at the end. So, when I was asked if I wanted to review the Madame La La self tan I tentatively accepted but I shouldn't have felt so worried as this tan is amazing!!!
The Madame La La Tan is a lightweight, tinted mousse that provides a deep, event colour within 3 hours. It's DD (dynamic do-all) tan perfector technology is infused with Coco water, Aloe, Green Tea, Vitamin C and has an innovative colour customising technology that ensures your tan stays natural and adapts to your natural skin tone. This seemed like a lot to offer from a self tanner so I was really excited to give it a go and see if it lived up to it's promises.
The first thing that I noticed about this tan when I opened it was the packaging. It does look an awful lot like a couple of other brands but I really liked the simplicity of the bottle and the fact that it had a pump dispenser as I find those the easiest to work with when it comes to self tanner. I as so excited to give this a go that I set aside some time to myself when Bubba was in bed to give myself a good old pamper session and try this little beauty out.
Exfoliated, make up less and ready to go!
I made sure I followed the instructions and exfoliated well before hand and moisturised places like my knees and elbows etc. Then it was time to grab my mitt and get tanning.

The colour on my legs just after applying.
As I squirted out the first pump onto my arm I couldn't believe how dark it looked. In fact it scared me a little as I have quite fair skin and I instantly started wondered what I had agreed to but I marched on and continued to rub in the mousse. Waking up the next day I was so nervous about looking in the mirror and I did look super dark but after a quick shower the tan had developed into a beautiful, natural looking, golden bronze colour. The colour is honestly beautiful and I loved how radiant it made my skin look. It wasn't streaky and I didn't have any of the horrid orange marks that I normally get around my wrists and ankles. I was amazed and I can now easily say that I am completely converted to a Madame La La fan.

Feeling a little apprehensive the next morning!
I also loved this tan because I couldn't smell biscuits! If you use self tanner you will know what I mean but the biscuit smell. This product smelt like coconut and even once I had been to sleep in it  and had a shower, I still smelt like an exotic island. It was lovely :) I also couldn't believe how little of the product I needed to use. I had done my whole body and only used just under a quarter of the bottle. I loved this as there have been some before that I have used and it has been such a poor consistency that I have had to use so much to try and make it look less patchy. I didn't have this with the Madame La La tan and I would easily be able to get another 3 or 4 uses out of it.

The final result!!!

Overall, I would highly recommend this product as an easy to use, fool proof tan that lasts and looks so beautiful. You can check out their range and pick yourself up a bottle here.

This product was sent to me for review purposes but all opinions are honest and my own.

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