Review - GreenTom Upp Classic Stroller

What makes a good stroller? Is it the weight, design, features or brand? Everyone is different when it comes to what they are looking for in a stroller but to me it needs to be comfortable, safe, user friendly and practical and the Greentom Upp classic ticks all of these boxes.

Greentom is a 100% green company who design no nonsense, practical and sustainable strollers.
All of the frame is sustainable, the fabric is made entirely of recycled drinks bottles and they are assembled all over the world which limits the shipping needs. This all means that this stroller is made from all natural and recycled sources...AMAZING! 

Now onto the stroller itself..

The first thing I loved about this stroller was the packaging. In fact, I loved the packaging so much that I recorded an unboxing video so you can see my first reactions and also see the wonderful (lack of) packaging that it came in:

The fact that this stroller came with none of the plastic wrapping or cardboard inserts really shows how conscientious this brand is and it mean less rubbish to have to throw out. Huge thumbs up to Greentom for this and I think more brands need to take not and rethink their packaging.

The actual stroller itself is wonderful. It is so light weight yet doesn't tip over. The seat is really large which gives Bubba ample room for toys, juice cups etc. It has a large hood which almost covers the entire stroller. It has anti puncture wheels. You can personalise your stroller by picking the colour of the fabric and the frame. The list is endless and could honestly go on and on. 

The thing I loved the most about this stroller though is it is so user friendly. I can't really begin to explain to you just how light this stroller really is. I was able to lift it fully off the ground on my own with Bubba in to bring it over a step where as normally I would have to bump a stroller over things like that. It is also a dream to push. It is so smooth and easy to maneuver and I think that is partly due to the handle bar being a full bar rather than 2 separate handles. It means that pushing with one hand is a breeze. 

The only downside, in my opinion, to the Greentom Upp classic is that it doesn't come with a rain cover. You can purchase one separately but I just feel that if I was buying this stroller for the RRP of €249.00 then I would expect it to come with a rain cover. In saying that though, it works for us at the moment as if it does start to rain we can just cover Bubba with the hood (as it is so large) and dash back to the car. 

Overall, we loved the Greentom Upp stroller. Bubba was always very happy and comfortable in it and was even happy to fall asleep in it. It is light, eco friendly and so easy to use and I would highly recommend it for someone looking for a stroller which has pram type features. 

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Note - we were sent this stroller for the purpose of this review but all opinions and views expressed are honest and my own. 

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