The best hold house item I have ever owned!!!

Everyone has those chores in the house that they hate doing don't they. For Hubby it's dusting. He doesn't see the point and just hates doing it. It used to take ages and be the most tedious of house work chores in my opinion as you would have to iron everything 2 or 3 times and change the temperature for the next item and it was just an overall pain in the bum in my opinion! But not anymore!!

Recently, AO.com contacted me to ask if I would want to work with them on a review and after having a look at the products on offer I picked the Braun Steam Iron and it did not disappoint! This steam iron has cut my ironing time in half as it is so so quick! The icare technology means that there is no faffing around with a temperature dial, the iron just adjusts depending on what you are ironing. It's no where near as big as I thought it was going to be which is great as it is so easy to store and the I love this item and honestly don't know why I haven't had one of these ironer sooner. The ONLY thing that would make this iron better, in my opinion, is a slightly long power leader and somewhere to wrap the leads up into so that it stores nice and neatly. Apart from that, this item is literally perfect!! You have click the video below to see it's amazingness in action!!

AO.com are the guys that sent me this item and if you don't know how they are then they are a website that sells a whole range of home items. From fridges to hoovers they have it all! The thing I oved about them was their service! They would so quick and you can pick the best time for your item to be delivered. I would defiantly use them again and recommend them for any of your house hold purchases.

You can check out their site and this amazing iron by clicking here!

Do you have any household items that have revolutionised your chores? Let me know in the comments :)

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