Those moments...

Recently I have had more and more of those moments...

You now those moments that all parents get when they are looking at their children...

Those moments when you are watching your child and you can see that they are growing literally in front of your eyes and you are filled with a whole wave of emotions.

Recently bubba was looking at a dandelion so I picked it up and showed him how if you blow it all of the little fluffy bits float off into the wind. Before I had even blown the last seed off of the head he had found himself one, picked it and was blowing away the little seeds all on his own. I was filled with so many emotions. Happiness that he was copying me, pride that he was able to do it on his own, joy that I could share these moments with my little boy, sadness that he was growing so quickly and fear that he wouldn't need me to pick the dandelions for him anymore.

I know that he is going to grow up. Of course he is. It's nature and it's life but it makes me feel really sad. I just wish that I could bottle these moments up and I am doing everything in my power to cherish every single little second that I am getting with my toddler as I know that there are going to be so many more of those moments where I see my little toddler turning into a little boy right before my eyes.

Cherish those little moments with your bubbas as they won't be bubbas for long xxx

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