10 things that make me ME! | Vlog

And now for something a little bit different (or however that phrase goes!)
Recently, I found out that there is such thing as a vlogging linky and knew that I had to join in!! For those who aren't bloggers then you are probably question what on earth a linky is! A linky is post that is hosted by someone and gives everyone a chance to link their posts up to this one post to get your posts put there and share them around. Normally these linkys have themes to them (review pots, pregnancy posts etc) and the Vlog Star linky is no exception.

This weeks theme was '10 things that make me ME'. This was actually really hard to do as I have never really thought about what makes me me before and after a while of thinking and asking Hubs what he thought I was able to come up with my answers...so here it is!

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