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My poor little pickle has had his first proper accident. He has had the odd bump to the head and tripped over loads of times but Tuesday's accident lead to a trip to A&E and ultimately a cast on his tiny leg.

If you are a parent then you will know what toddlers can be like. Bubba is a typical boy. He is into everything, is constantly running around and climbing and is always getting into mischief so to be honest it's surprising that he hasn't hurt himself sooner. AND before anyone out there gets judgey (which I'm sure you guys won't as your all lovely!) no matter what we do, accidents will happen. It's a fact of life and can't be avoided. Well it could if you wrapped your little ones up in a bubble like that film Bubble boy but that wouldn't be nice for anyone and I certainly wouldn't want Bubba to grow up like that. Accident's happen and that's that.

Bubba slipped down one step. That's all. Just one little step and then started to limp. He was taking a couple of steps and then falling down and crying. I honestly thought he has just twisted it as it was only 1 step and it wasn't like it was swollen or hot or anything like that. So I gave him some calpol and nurofphen and figured that he would be okay in the morning. He wasn't okay in the morning.

My poor little pickle was still limping and crying and it was then that I knew that something was wrong. After a phone call to 111 and a (relatively) quick trip to A&E we were told quite bluntly that Bubba had broken his leg. I was so shocked when the nurse (this is important...it wasn't a doctor..it was a nurse) said this to us and hubby's face was a picture as he thought I was just over reacting! Then a couple of minutes later it changed and the nurse said he had a small fracture and she showed us this sharp looking bit of bone on the X-ray. I had no clue was I was looking at and was too busy having a mental melt down about the fact that my poor baby had to wear a cast for goodness knows how long to ask any questions. In hind sight I should have questioned how we had gone from broken to small fracture in the space of 5 minutes as thinking about it now, that seems like a huge jump!

There wasn't time to think about things though as before I knew it Hubby's was having to pin Bubba down whilst I tried to comfort him and the man had to cast his leg. This poor orthopaedic guy that was doing it even said (as he was wrestling with Bubba) ''wow...he's strong..are we sure he needs this?' but no one around said anything so after about 10 minutes, off we were sent with a 20 month old in a cast and an appointment for 2 days time to see a consultant and discuss next steps.

I was such a mixed bag of emotions then next 2 days. I felt so proud that Bubba was getting on with things so well as within an hour of being home he was walking, running and even trying to kick a football with his plastered leg. Then again I felt so sad for him and so worried about what could be lying ahead. In my head if he had fractured or broken it then that would mean he would need a cast on for a good couple of weeks and what with it being so hot at the moment I was really questioning how we would all cope. In the next moment, I would feel optimistic. Loads of kids have plaster casts and loads of kids unfortunately suffer with things worse than a plaster cast so if they can cope then so would we. It felt like a bit of a rollercoaster to be honest.

Then came the day I was dreading. Friday. The day (I was told) that Bubba would have to have his current cast taken off by a saw/drill type thing and then we would see the consultant and have his next cast fitted. To say I was dreading it was an understatement. I knew that the drill/saw type thing would scare the life out of Bubba and I was dreading him having to feel like that. I was also so nervous about what the consultant was going to say and I had prepared myself for bad news and already had it in my head that he was going to have to wear the cast for at least 2 weeks so we would have to cope. I had even gone as far as ordered Bubba a waterproof cast cover so that he could still have a bath. Extreme I know but I like to prepare!

So, in we go to the consultant and he really calmed cut bubbas cast away using a pair of special scissors whilst bubs watched Mickey Mouse on the ipad (god bless the ipad!) and then told me that he thought that the fracture was tiny so therefore he doesn't think he needs to be replastered and sent us off with an open appointment should bubba start limping again. I was ecstatic!!!!! I can't even begin to explain how happy I was that my little pickle didn't need to have another cast but on. It meant no more sweaty feet, no more walking like a pirate and he could finally have a bath again (which he loves!). I went home floating on a little cloud of happiness.

As the day has gone on my happiness has been dampened a little by the emotional roller coaster we had just gone on and in a way it 's all felt a little unnecessary. I was questioning if Bubba had needed the cast at all? Why were we told it was broken when it was a tiny fracture? Why didn't a doctor look at his x-ray before they put him in a cast and told us he would have to be in one for longer after Friday? So many questions and now, on Friday afternoon after everything has been done and Bubba is back to his rambunctious self, I am left feeling drained. I think the mixture of not sleeping through worrying, running around after Bubba to make sure he didn't slip and the tears and stress of the past couple of days has come to a head. BUT..I keep reminding myself that Bubba is fine and that is all that matters at the end of the day. It might have been a tough few days but stuff like this happens, it's real life and it's all worked out in the end thank god!!

So that was my past few days?? How was yours?? :)

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