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After a pretty stressful time last week (check that out here if you are wondering what I am talking about) it was a welcome treat when Bubba received the BRIO ant with rolling egg through for us to review. When I first was approached about this I was a little apprehensive as I didn't know how it would keep Bubba's attention and entertain him for very long but I was pleasantly surprised.

This super cute wooden ant is painted with simple yet eye catching block colours and comes with a yellow egg on it's back with rolls around as it is pulled. Bubba loved this about the toy and he giggled every time he pulled it and could see that he was making the egg roll. It was a great visual aid to help bubba understand a little bit of cause and effect. The egg also comes off which Bubba really liked and he spent a bit of time playing with the egg on it's own and rolling it back and forwards to me.

I am a sucker for wooden toys and this ant is no exception. To me, wooden toys always seem timeless and real quality items. They are also so durable too which is great when you have a rambunctious toddler like I do. Bubba was pulling and pushing and dragging this poor ant all over the house and
there is not a mark to be seen on it. If I was plastic I am pretty sure he would have broken it by now as the concept of 'gentle' is a little lost on my son! :)

If I am being honest, I really couldn't find any faults with this toy. My originally doubts about it not being entertaining enough were squashed when Bubba sat and played with it for 20 minutes straight (which is a really long time for him to play with one thing)! I also know he loves it because it is one of the first things he reaches for when he goes into his toy box. The RRP for the BRIO ant is £17.99. In my opinion, to get a quality toy like this that will last and grow with your little one for under £20 is a bargain!

Overall, I would highly recommend this toy as a treat for your little one or to give as a gift. It comes in a lovely box and I do honestly think that this is a perfect, inexpensive but quality gift that any child would be happy to receive. To get your little one an BRIO ant, click here.

I was sent this product for the purpose of this review but all opinions are honest and my own.

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