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At the moment everything seems to be a fight. I am not sure if it is because bubba has always been pretty easy going and 'good' as such or if it's because he's now getting to the age where he now understands things and knows how to push my buttons. I don't know what it is but it is proving so hard to manage at the moment.
Now when I say fight I obviously don't mean physical fighting as I would never lay a finger on Bubba. I mean a battle of wills. Bubs is a stubborn and strong willed little boy and he is really showing that at the moment. It actually amazes me how long he can stand his ground for which I suppose will set him in good stead for later life but it is driving me round the bend right now. The biggest thing we seem to fight over at the moment is food and what Bubba will and won't eat. To be fair to bubba, I think me and hubby have created this a little bit as a month or so ago bubs was poorly with a throat infection so, like most other parents, we would let him eat whatever he wanted so that he was eating something. Even though he is better now, Bubba still seems to think he can eat whatever he wants whenever he wants and we are now going through a battle of wills to break that habit. This is what was happening:

8am breakfast: I would give bubba cereal and then he might pick at it but if he didn't want it I would then offer him toast or a banana and sometimes even both if he didn't want one or the other.
10am snack: This would generally start as a bag of Kiddylicious banana bites or some rice cakes. Once he had finished these he would then want more so I would give him a box of raisins or another Kiddylicious things. He would then want more and I would have to put my foot down as I am pretty sure my child would eat snacks all day long if he could.
12pm Lunch: Bubba doesn't like sandwiches so lunches can be really difficult. He tends to have beans on toast or pizza or a dairylee dunker with some fruit or crisps..something like that. Once he had picked his way through that (not really eating an awful lot of it) I would then let him have a yogurt or a biscuit or something like that.
3pm snack - Part of bubbas routine is to have a snack after his nap. He has always done it and you can see when he comes down after his nap that the first thing he wants is a snack. We tend to have a little after nap snuggle on the sofa whilst he has his snack and he would have Kiddylicious smoothie melts or apple bites or he might have some animal biscuits or something like that. He would then do what he does in his morning snack and want more which I won't let him do and 8/10 a tantrum ensues so I may give him a breadstick or something like that which then stops the tantrum and normally means we are clear until dinner time.
5pm Dinner - This is one of the biggest problems. He is going through a stage of only eating spaghetti bolognese or shepherds pie. I don't know why it is those two dishes but that is all he will eat for me. I haven't helped this because if he won't eat the dinner I've given him (fish pie for example) then I will do him spag bol as I was so worried about him not eating dinner and waking up hungry in the night so I would give him what he would eat.

So as you can see a lot of this is down to me and what I have created and I know that but something needs to give. What hubby and I have decided to do is to cut down on the snacks in the hope that he will be hungry for his main meals and only offer him the one main meal (something that we know he likes obviously). It is not easy as Bubba is trying to fight and tantrumming to get the snacks he wants but so far it has worked. Yesterday he didn't eat his lunch so when he woke up from his nap he was offered his lunch again and he didn't want it so he didn't get ay snacks. Every time he went to reach to the snack cupboard he was offered his lunch again so we aren't starving him as if he was really hungry then he would eat the pizza he was offered at lunch. It came to dinner time and he refused to eat the roast dinner we put in front of him. So hubby got him down from the table and he went off whilst we ate. About 10 minutes later he came back and we sat him up the table again and after about 5 mins of sitting and looking at his dinner he ate the whole lot. He was then allowed desert as he ate all his dinner.
It is so hard though as I hate seeing Bubba upset and tantrumming but I know we have to do this to avoid him become a serious fussy eater and to stop him thinking that he can live of snacks and not eat proper dinners. So I am persevering and at the moment I am okay. I am feeling strong and Bubba is co-ordining...but it's dinner time in 3 hours so it could be a different story then :)

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