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As you most probably know by now, Kiddylicious are a massive favourite of ours. I love their products, their brand and what their brand stands for (if you want to check out their range of products and learn a little more about them then check out my Kiddylicious haul here!!). They are such a forward thinking brand and their recent campaign #insidebabysbrain has uncovered some amazing stats!
According to recent research from Kiddylicious, almost half of parents (49%) with babies and toddlers view snacking as a negative food habit, despite it being vital in the early stages of sensory and physiological development! Confusingly though, over one third (36%) of the nation's parents who admit to enjoying snacks themselves in between meals, do not allow their baby or toddler to enjoy the same thing?!? A huge contradiction right??

With this research in mind, Kiddylicious joined forces with child expert Dr. Jacqueline Harding to look #insidebabysbrain and explore why snacking is so important. Dr Harding explains:

“Babies are intelligent: they are information-gathering decisions makers! They are very busy making hypotheses about the world. So, playing with food is the sort of experimental work they do as researchers! From their body movements and facial expressions, we can get a glimpse of what might be going on in their minds – figuring out the taste and texture of foods. What’s it like inside babies’ brain? Well…it’s rather busy –if we were to take a look inside their brains we would see that it is flooded with neural transmitters that induce learning and plasticity. In other words, they are very receptive to new experiences and want to learn. This is all very important when it comes to opportunities to learn through the senses. Babies are born with around 30,000 taste buds coating their tongue, throat, cheeks and even the roof of their mouth, so they experience food in a completely different way to adults (who have just one third of this). The safe introduction of a variety of tastes and textures (as advised by your health visitor and doctor) can assist with sensory development”

To help us parents understand why snacking is so important for babies and toddlers and the development impact it has, Kiddylicious has made a great video that I would really recommend you watch...it's fully of super cute squishy babies as well :)

To celebrate the launch of #insidebabysbrain I am teaming up with Kiddylicious to offer 3 of my readers a change to win some Kiddylicious goodies to help your little one develop through snacking! The 3 winners will each receive a box of Kiddylicious wafers (10 packets) and a box of Kiddylicious Fruit Puffs (6 bags). The wafers are Bubbas favourite and I can assure you that little ones will live these snacks! To be in with a chance of winning click on the link below.

So there you have it. The research confirms that snacking is good!! So babies of the world snack away and Mummies...you had better get down to your local super market and stock up on lot's of Kiddylicious goodies for your little one before the eat you out of house and home :)

To visit the Kiddylicious website and download their free guide all about what goes on #insidebabysbrain then click here: http://www.kiddylicious.com/uk/insidebabysbrain/

Note: Prizes are being provided by Kiddylicious but I have not been paid or sponsored for this post. All views and opinions are honest and my own.

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