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Oh my goodness......it is less than two weeks until I am off to London to attend #BML16!!!! I am such a mixed bag of emotions about the event and I needed to get them all out to try and process them so here goes...

Excitement! That is the main thing I am feeling I think. I am really excited about all of the amazing session they are running and the speakers that are going to be there and I am also SUPER excited about seeing all of the lovely bloggers that I have grown close to over the past year or so.

Nervousness! This feeling sneaks up on me when I am least expecting it and I get super nervous about meeting all of these new people and not fitting in or getting left or something like that. It's so silly as I know that won't happen but it doesn't stop me for feeling really nervous.

Sad! Now this may sound like a really strange one but there is a totally valid reason behind it. I am saying away the night of Britmums as it will be finishing late and I didn't fancy travelling home late from London on a Saturday night. This means that I will be spending my first ever night away from Bubba. I know, it sounds crazy but I have been there every single morning that Bubba has woken up. It makes me so sad that I will miss him for one night but I have to remember that it is just that..one night.

Pride! I feel so proud that I am going to Britmums this year. I remember this time last year when I have just started blogging, I saw all of the bloggers I was following talking about Britmums and how they were so excited and had sponsors etc and I remember saying to Hubby that I wanted to go next year. Not only am I going this year but I have been sponsored to go by the amazing Kiddylicious which makes me literally burst with pride! The fact that I am working with a brand that is in our local supermarkets and who produce products that I see babies munching on every single day makes me so so proud. If you would have told me this time last year that Kiddylicous would be sponsoring me to attending #BML16 I would have laughed but now it's under 2 weeks away and I can't quite believe how lucky I have been :)

Fear! This is the first time that I am going to be meeting all of the bloggers I have been talking to and reading about and I am so scared. It is honestly a little bit like fear at times and sometimes I get so scared that I think that I can't go. That feeling passes very quickly though as I get a tweet or a message from one of the mummy bloggers being lovely.

So...there is my brain dump! hahaha! Overall I am super excited about #BML16 and can't wait to meet lot's of lovely people, learn some great things and represent that wonderful Kiddylicious!
Are you going to #BML16? Let me know in the comments as it would be great to know some faces :)

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