Some days are wonderful..

Today, we have had a pretty normal day. Had breakfast, went up to the post office, went off to a play group...just all the normal things that we do each week and it was only today that it dawned on me how much I love these days. They are truly wonderful :)
Bubba was poorly last week and I think this is one of the reasons that I have really enjoyed today as he has been back to his normal, smiley, cheeky self. It's the little things that I have really enjoyed about him today. Listening to him chatting to himself as he plays, throwing a ball with him, having lunch together..these are all things that we always do but today they have just seemed even more wonderful than normal.

He has honestly been an joy to be around today and I have enjoyed being in his company so much. Don't get me wrong, I always love being with my little by but if you are a Mum then you will know what I mean when I saw that some days are just really hard! But not today! Today has been a good day...so far..he's currently napping so who knows what kind of mood he might wake up in!!

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