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You will all know by now that I love Aldi Mamia and this year Mamia are sponsoring the UK's biggest and best charity event for under 5's...The Barnardo's Big Toddle. This event is all about children helping children by taking part in short sponsored walks. Thousands of nurseries, playgroups, childminders and parents organise Big Toddles to help raise money for Barnardo's vital services. This event has been going since 1997 and has already raised a staggering £14 million pounds!!!!!!! You can organise a big toddle yourself or you can register to join one of the Barnardo organised ones. Find all the information about that by clicking here!
As I said, Mamia is sponsoring this fantastic event and they sent us the perfect hamper full of the essential things you need for you little fundraiser!

Mamia Nappies - This is obvious really but what is super great about these nappies is how absorbent they are which means that your toddler won't need to be changed half way through their big toddle. They will stay dry and comfy for hours.
Mamia wipes - We do not leave the house without some wipes my toddler seem to get dirty no matter what we are doing so these would be great for an grass or mud that your little one picks up during their walk.
Mamia Juice - We gotta keep our little champions hydrated and with these handy bottles it means even once the juice cup is empty you will still be able to fill them up.
Mamia food pouches and fruit pots - Toddlers have tiny little legs compared to ours and if your toddlers anything like mine they tend to run every where rather than walk so thy use so much energy! Keep hungry at bay with these scrummy, easy to feed treats.
Mamia bubble bath and shampoo - After all that walking that your little one will be doing, there is nothing better than a nice bubbly bath at the end of the day to wash the day away. This shampoo and bubble bath smell amazing and the bubbles last for ages so your little one can splash for as long as you let them :)

I know I have said it before but I will say it again...I really do rate the Aldi Mamia range and love what they have sent us. If any of your little ones are doing a toddle then a huge good luck to them and I would love to know how they can on :)
To register to take part in Barnardos Big Toddle then click here:

note: this hamper was sent to us for the purpose of this post but all reviews are honest and my own.

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