Treating Hubby with Warner Brothers | #WBFathersday

All Daddy's deserve a little TLC and none as much as my Hubby, Bubba's Daddy. I could honestly gush on for ages about what an amazing daddy and husband he is but that would make this post go on for ages and ages. Also, post isn't to rave about Hubby but to share with you the amazing event that Warner Brother put on to treat the Daddy's in our lives.

 Warner Brothers had invited me and Hubby along for the ultimate Father's day treat...a movie night!!! Hubby and I love a movie night and there is nothing better in my opinion that snuggling up with the one you love and watching a good film. On the train on the way to London it was safe to say that Hubby was a little excited and I couldn't blame him!! This was the first time in ages that we had been out on an adventure without a pram, a huge changing bag and a toddler in tow...even I was super excited!

Walking into the screening room, I felt s little bit lie a VIP!! There was lot's of yummy nibbles and drinks (including some chicken things that hubby ate at least 10 of!?!?) and lot's other bloggers that we were able to mingle with before the movie started. Then, before I knew it, it was 7pm and time for the film to start!!

Once we were all settled into the intimate screening room it was time for us to watch Creed (Ryan Coogler, 2015) which seemed like the perfect film for Dads! Boxing, fighting and Sylvester Stallone...what more could you want? If I am being honest, I hadn't seen any of the Rocky films before and I was a little worried that I wouldn't understand the story but it didn't really make much of a difference as it was such a great film. Hubby loved it and it was a great way to thank him for being such an amazing daddy to our little boy.

What really finished the night on a high was when hubby was given a huge goodie bag filled with some fantastic DVD's and (hubby's new favourite thing) a Rocky Balboa Trilby hat! He didn't take it off the whole way home :)

Thanks so much to Warner Brother's for inviting us to this fantastic event. Hubby and I had such a great time and it was the perfect way to celebrate fathers day. How do you plan to celebrate the special men in your life this fathers day? Share your moments using the #WBFathersday hashtag on twitter :)

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