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Recently I wanted to update our CV's. It isn't because we are looking for jobs or anything like that but because it is always good to have an up to date CV in your files just in case you should ever need it. To be honest, my CV is pretty bog standard. I haven't done a huge amount of roles and at this point in time my career is on hold so I can focus on being the best Mum possible to Bubba. Hubby on the other hand is in the mists of his career journey at the moment and I was really struggling with his CV and how to put everything on it. I was struggling so much that I actually put out a tweet and that was when the Gods of CV writing answered my prays...

Gifted Recruitment asked me to send Hubby's CV over and explained they would take a look at it and give me some pointers. I was expecting to get an email back with a few pointers abut grammar and spelling but what I wasn't expecting was the amazing service I received. Now, bear in mind that this company did not approach me for a review but just chose to help me and I can honestly say I was overwhelmed at their service.

About 30 mins after sending the CV though my phone rang and it was Chris from Gift Recruitment (who is actually the director of the company!) and we spent a good 20 mins chatting. He gave me some great suggestions about re wording parts of the CV, told me to add more in at certain points and remove some at others, we spoke about layout...the list is endless. I could really tell from speaking to Chris how passionate he is about helping people into recruitment and the tips he gave me showed me how experienced he is in his business.

So why I am telling you this?? Well firstly, because I love to rave about good customer service. We are always so quick to rant about bad service so why shouldn't we celebrate the good with as much gusto?? Secondly, I know first hand how daunting it can be going back to work once you have had a baby and to be fair, I was one of the lucky ones! I went back to a job I knew, with people I knew and an environment that was normal to me. I can only imagine how it would have been if I would have been trying to find work after having Bubba. After having a baby our confidence tends to be at an all time low anyway let alone having to find the self belief to write CV's and go to interviews. That is why I wanted to tall you about Gifted Recruitment. They have CV packages starting from as low as £49 and as I have said the service is fantastic!

Not only can you get CV and recruitments services from Gift Recruitment, Chris has also, in the past, run courses and seminars on helping new Mums get back into work. Chris has also written specifically abut dyslexia and recruitment which was really interesting to read.

Be sure to have a look at their website by clicking here and if you have any questions then you can find them on Facebook and twitter by clicking the links :)


Grief | Blog

Until last year I was happy to say that I had never experienced grief before. I had heard people talk about it, seen people on TV who were going through it or had experienced it but I was always pleased to say that I didn't have a clue what grief was or how it felt. Now, I am not so lucky.

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Grief doesn't feel at all like I thought it would. Actually that's a lie, it did last year. Last year when Brissy died I had reacted in jut the way I had expected I would. I had cried. Not cried, sobbed. That type of heavy sobbing where you just feel that you can't breath. The sobbing then faded and my grief turned into a longing. Longing to see him one more time and to tell him everything that hadn't been said. Then, 4 months later, my Grandad passed away. The grief this time was different. It felt more familiar but that did not make it any easier. It felt like deja vu seeing my family torn to pieces again and in amongst the tears of sadness at loosing one of the worlds kindest men, I felt tears of anger that he had been taken and that my family were having to do this all over again. The next few months were strange as it felt like my family had been broken yet united. We were broken by grief yet united as my Nan was now very poorly and it had become a waiting game. I remember feeling sick every time the phone rang or when I saw my Mum calling me. I always thought it was going to be bad news, until one day that phone call came and it was bad news.

I remember the drive to the hospice and I honest thought that I would know how I would feel. I was prepared for the heart ache and the sadness. I was prepared to have to see my poor Dad breakdown after loosing his mum. I was prepared to support my brothers and let them cry onto my shoulder as I did the same back to them. I wasn't prepared for how different it would actually feel when we arrived. I felt physically sick and the tears actually hurt as I sobbed. I remember feeling like I couldn't breath and just feeling so overwhelmed with grief in that moment of having to say goodbye that I had to go outside. The situation was so familiar yet the emotions were so different.

8 months on and we have passed the anniversary of my 2 granddads passing. We have passed fathers days and birthdays and special occasions. They all come and go with the same sense of sadness and longing. I expected all of this to happen. Looking back on it I think I even expected to feel all those different types of grief. What has come as a shock to me though is the way that I feel now. I miss them all just as much as I did the day they left us and I really (naively) believed that as the months went on it would get easier but it hasn't. It's just changed.

Instead of being filled with the overwhelming tears and grief that I had when they all left us, it is now like a surprise grief. A grief that springs on me when I least expect it and I have to do everything in my power to stop myself from breaking down and letting the red hot tears escape from my eyes. It always happens at the most random of moments. Yesterday I was smelling candles in a store and one smelt just like dove soap and I instantly thought of my Nan and remember how very much I miss her and her funny way of getting our names confused. I miss her hands with all of her rings on. I miss her house. I miss asking my Dad how she is if I haven't spoken to her in a while. All of those feelings triggered by one candle! And just in case your wondering, I brought the candle...how could I not??!?

The other time that I get attacked with surprise grief is when I am out. I could be walking down the road to grab some lunch or walking into work and I will see someone out the corner of my eye that will look like my Grandad or Brissy. The first thing that pops into my head is 'What are they doing down here??' as they both lived while away but before my mind can finish thinking why they are here I am reminded that it is impossible. The emptiness and longing feeling washes over me again and I am left for those couple of seconds standing in the street staring at some random person whilst thinking about how much I miss Brissy calling me Darling and how much I miss my seeing my Grandad having a nap after lunch. I then have to pull myself together and carry on. I have become pretty damn good at that in recent months. If I hadn't then I think I would be crying left, right and centre.

So tell me, those of you who have sadly had to go through this too, when does it stop? Does it ever stop? Does it ever get easier and will the tears ever stop threatening to come at a moments notice because of a memory roused by a smell?

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Sunshine and Smiles | Blog

I was always a bit of a winter person. I loved fuzzy jumpers, rainy movie days and warm blankets but since having bubba I seem to have changed. He is such a summer baby and would practically love outside if I let him. He loves nothing better than being out in the sunshine, playing with bubbles and playing with sand and as he is always outside, I seem to be too.

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I think the reason I wasn't a huge summer fan before was because I got bored so easily. It always seemed like a lovely idea to grab a book and a cold drink and go lay in the garden for an hour but in reality I would get out there, get annoyed with the flys or get super sweaty, have a drink that would have a dead bug in it and end up being blinded by the sun so not able to read my book. Laying and sunbathing is boring to me so I just never really do it.
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But...having Bubba at the age he is now, summer is so different. It is like being a child myself again. I get to play in paddling pools, blow bubbles, play swing ball, build sandcastles...I get to do all the things that I used to do 18 years or so ago and the best part is that no one judges me because I am doing it all with my toddler :)

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They say that children give you a totally different outlook on the world and they are right. Summer, so far, has been wonderful. Filled with suncream, smiles and sandy feet and I have loved every single second!
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Marriage... | blog

I recently read this post by amazingly talented Absolutely Prabulous which is called 'The Anniversary Card I Never Thought I'd Write''. In this letter to her husband she very honestly and openly talks about what she loves about him but then adds the raw truth about some elements of their relationship in each point. I read this post at 5.30 am this morning whilst trying to get bubba to go back to sleep and it made me feel really sad. Don't get me wrong, I felt happy that she was able to write the post and glad that her husband and her were able to work on the flaws in their marriage from it but my overwhelming feeling was one of sadness. Sad that husbands and wife's grow apart over the years and become unrecognisable to each other...Sad that even though on the surface their marriage may look strong and happy, underneath is a different story... Sad that my marriage could become that one day.

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I married my best friend in September 2012. It was the happiest day of my life but the years that have followed it have been the happiest years of my life. I didn't get married for the fancy venue, or the dress, or the honeymoon. I got married as I wanted to spend the rest of my life with hubby and wanted to stand in front of my family and friends and promise to love and care for him for the rest of my life. Then have a big old party to celebrate afterwards. Our wedding was perfect for us. It wasn't majorly expensive, there was no stress involved and we honestly had the most perfect day. The funniest about it is that a wedding really didn't do anything to us. Yes we had a great day and had an amazing time celebrating with our loved ones and went on a wonderful holiday afterwards but it didn't change who we were and how we were with each other. To me, all it really meant was that I had a different last name. Marriage, to me, was no different than being in a relationship. It is about commitment, communication, honesty and compromise. All the things we based our relationship around before our wedding and all the things we base our marriage on 4 years later.

my mummy spam, marriage, wedding, husband, wife, first kiss, love, wedding dress, suit, Yes, I have only been married 4 years and I know some of you out there will be thinking "well what does she know.. It's only been 4 years...give it 40 years and then tell me you feel the same". And your right.. I don't know how I will feel in 40 years or what would have happened in my life during that time. I know that over time people change as do their relationships but right now I can't imagine ever feeling any other way about hubby than what I do now. Yes, he has his flaws but we all do right? My hubby is so funny that he makes me laugh until my jaw hurts and I have tears rolling down my face. He is so kind and caring that he now does the ironing for me as I was moaning that I didn't have time for everything. He happily cooks dinners for us if I don't fancy doing it. He works so unbelievable hard to make sure we have everything we need. He is the best daddy to our son that I could ever ask for. He is so attentive and caring towards bubba and always wants to spend time with him. Hubby knows what I am think or feeling before I even tell him. He listens to my worries and fears and even if he doesn't understand, he will comfort me. He is the best life partner I could ever ask for.

wedding, mymummyspam, my mummy spam, marriage, wedding photos, church, bride, groom, love, married, In saying all this, he does have his flaws too. He is messy. Oh my god is he messy!! Leaves his shirts on the floor, empty toilet rolls on the side, glasses in the bedroom...the list could go on and on. He is unbelievable stubborn and this makes him a bit of a git to deal with sometimes. He sometimes can be snappy when he's tired and stressed and sometimes I will he could be a little more cuddly and spontaneously affectionate but do you know what... All of these things are okay too! I look past these things as no one is ever perfect and relationships are about compromise. I bet if I asked hubs to write a list of my flaws, it would be massive but I know and he knows that my list of pros is better than my list of cons. We choose to accept each others flaws as compromise for having a partner is so many wonderful qualities. Who knows if I will one day get tired of compromising or his the cons will out weigh the pros? But for now I can do it.

After writing all this I am struggling to find my point...

I suppose my point is that it scares me and makes me feel so sad that there may come a time in the future where we stop compromising and we stop feeling so happy in our marriage. No one deserves to be in an unhappy relationship because everyone deserves a life filled with as much happiness in it as possibly but then again, people shouldn't have to change who they are or who they have grown into to please others... Even their husband or wife. I suppose that all I can do is hope and wish that we continue to talk to each other and share our thoughts and feelings and continue to compromise as I think if this stops then all the other cogs that keep our relationship ticking may stop too. We never know what the future will hold so I will immerse myself in the here and now and worry about the future in the future.

"The real act of marriage takes place in the heart, not in the ballroom or church or synagogue.  It's a choice you make- not just on your wedding day, but over and over again - and that choice is reflected in the way you treat your husband or wife"
Barbara De Angelis


Real World Parenting Awards

I remember the moment I left hospital with Bubba so well. Walking  (or should I say waddling!) through those doors with my amazing husband carrying a car seat with our little tiny bundle of new born joy all snuggled up inside. I had visions of how our life would be when we got home. Family snuggles on the sofa, Bubba snoozing in his moses basket whilst I showered and did my hair and made myself feel human again, all of our family and friends coming over and cooing over our precious little boy whilst me and hubby looked on beaming with pride. But in the real world that is not what happened. In the real world, I had 2 weeks of hubby being home and us both trying to muddle learning how to look after our screaming, unsettled baby whilst surviving on about 3 hours sleep. In the real world, parenting is hard and those first few days and weeks can be the hardest. In fact, as many as 20% of new Mums in the UK suffer from psychological issues in the first year of parent hood which is why the care of supportive health visitors, nurses, midwives and family is so so important because in the real world we all need some help sometimes.

That is why Infacol are supporting the Real World Parenting awards! This is your chance to get someone who gave you the best support the recognition they deserve. There are two separate catogories: one for health professional, which has been developed by the Primary Care Society for Gastroenterology, and one for friends and family. The health professional category will recognise the dedication, compassion and hard work of the health professional who are there for us through all of the tough time such a breastfeeding, colic or developmental worries. PCSG Chair, Dr. Richard Stevens explains:
“Becoming a parent for the first time isn’t easy, and the first six months can be especially tough. That’s why families need support, and the encouragement they receive from their GP or health visitor
can make all the difference. As professionals, we sometimes forget we can provide a lot by just being there and being constant.”

The second category for family and friends will highlight the importance of listening and providing love and encouragement.
“Having a baby is a life changing experience and an incredible one, but it can be stressful,” says Dr. Hilary Jones, who will be part of the judging panel. “If you’re lucky enough to have a wonderful family around you, or great friends, it can make a huge difference.”

If you want to nominate someone in your life who helped you then all you need to do is email their name, workplace (if nominating a healthcare professional) and why you want to nominate them to:
competitions@satellitepr.com by the end of July. There will then be a presentation for the winner in September.

So what are you waiting for??? Get nominating now!!

Things are about to get a little cray cray!! | Blog

I feel like I have been so busy on here recently with vlogs and exciting events and things that I haven't had a chance to stop and just have a catch up with you lovely people. So I figured that tonight I was going to take the time to fill you in on all of craziness that will be going on in the next few weeks.

The biggest thing that we have going on at the moment is a huge bathroom renovation. Hubby is going to be ripping out the entire bathroom and turning it into a beautiful new room that we can use to relax in. At the moment our bathroom is an awful bright blue colour which is painted on in a egg shell paint meaning that the water clings to the walls! This means that it is a proper bugger to clean and is mouldy and damp and just horrible! The bathroom suite is also really old and broken. If I am being honest, the bathroom as it is now is not a relaxing place and I am so excited that we will soon have a bathroom that is perfect for us and done in the way that we want it. However...in the worlds of my irritating husband ''You can't make an omelette with out breaking eggs'' which translates as 'there will be a whole load of mess and dust and you will hate it'. He's not wrong! I know that there will be mess but that doesn't mean I am going to like it. In fact, I am dreading it!!! I am hoping and praying that if we work really hard for about 10 days then it will all be done and dusted....we will see!!

So after all this bathroom madness is done it will then be August?!!? Can you believe that we are nearly in August??? Our August is already filled with lot's of days out with friends, BBQs with family and lots of birthday celebrations. I am looking forward to it as I love this time of year but it is making me a little anxious as it means that I will have less time for blogging and editing etc. I'm sure I will find a balance and it will be fine (she says!!!).

After August we are then in September and that means 2 things for us. Bubba's second birthday (sobsob!!!) and our first ever family holiday to Disneyland Paris!!! Disneyland Paris is a really special place to me as it was where hubby and I met on a school trip and where he asked me to marry him 5 years later. I am so excited about going back and really hope Bubba is going to enjoy it as much as I am imagining him to. I'm not so excited about his second birthday though. How can my little baby be turning 2??? I am so overwhelmingly proud of him and the little boy that he is becoming but I just wish he could stop growing so quickly! We are planning a lovely family BBQ for his birthday and I am already on the hunt for a theme that he will love.

So that is what is going on in my world at the moment. Lot's of exciting things but also lot's of busyiness (is that even a word?!) which means that I am really going to have to learn to juggle my time and make sure I get everything done.

I think it's time I brought myself a diary :)


My 'online' friends | Blog

I recently had a moment where I realised that I talk to my 'online' friends more than I speak to my 'actual' friends. Now, the reason that I have put this in inverted commas is because the line between my 'online' friends and my 'actual' friends has become so blurred recently, it is almost like they have switched round. Let me try and explain...

I seem to have three groups of friends.

1. My Mummy friends. This is a very small group of people who I care about very much and we all have the shared interest of having children of almost the same age. Our husbands all get on with each other and have become friends as well and it is probably my most favourite group of people. I see them weekly or two weekly and we chat a lot on text or WhatsApp as well.

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2. My other friends. These are people that I have either been friends with since school or know through the drama group or work. This is once again a group full of awesome people but we don't really tend to see each other that often and we also don't really talk that often. It tends to be messages or comments on Facebook or the odd text every now and again.

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3. My online friends. This group of people were my online friends until I went to BML a couple of weekends ago. We had been talking on twitter and WhatsApp for over a year after meeting through a mummy blogger twitter chat and to be honest, I probably talk to this group of girls more than I talk to any of my other friends. They are such a funny, caring, forgiving, honest and compassionate group and if it wasn't for the fact that we are spread all over the country (and even Ireland in someone's case...Hannah!) I am sure we would be soft play and coffee date Mummas that would see each other quite a bit.
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My Mummy Spam, Mummy, friends, best friends, wedding, bride, wedding guests, fun, happiness, smiling, evening, wedding party, marriage, celebrate, What has been so strange recently is that my 'actual' friends are becoming less prevalent in my life. I don't think this is a conscious decision, more where we are all busy with our lives and work and kids. We do meet sometimes but it feels more and more like I am just communicating with them online now rather than actually talking and going into in depth conversations. It's just the odd flippant comment here and there and then we might arrange to see each other every couple of months or so. The opposite seems to have happened with my 'online' friends. I find myself speaking to these girls at least daily about everything and anything. We are already arranging when we will next see each other. It's crazy as these girls definitely know more about me than my 'actual' friends do and that feels and sounds a little weird to say.

My online friends know more about me than my actual friends.

That's weird right? Well no actually, it's not. These 'online' friends are now my actual friends, the only difference being that I don't get to see them as often as I do my actual friends. In fact, I feel so lucky that I have such a wide range of friends and people that I care about. I have friends that I speak to of all ages (we are out for dinner with some friends who are 20 years older than us at the weekend), backgrounds and from all difference places. So from now on rather than refer to these groups as my 'online' or 'mummy' friends, I am just going to say 'friends'. My friends are amazing...every single one of them!! MWAH!!!!!

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The Emotional Cost of Parenting | Blog

Having a baby is expensive...we all know that right? But have you ever really topped to think about the emotional cost of parenting? Think about the emotional rollercoaster that you go on as a new parent; one minute you are high on love and the next your covered by a cloud of stress and worry. Don't worry...your not on your own.
Recently, a unique study funded by Infacol, Britain’s Number One Colic Remedy found that while three fifths of new parents of children aged 5 and under experienced pride (61%) and joy (67%), they also felt exhaustion (61%) and even fear (32%). The research also found that one in five mums (22%) describe themselves as feeling ‘out of control’ in the first year, with a further one in six parents (17%) finding that the pressures of parenting left them feeling shocked. I remember when Bubba was born feeling all of these emotions. So proud that he was mine and joyous that he was healthy and happy but then again such an overwhelming fear that this precious little bundle of joy was fine to protect and nurture.  

So why is the first year so mixed-up emotionally for so many new mums and dads? Midwife Lara Basini explains:

“When expecting a baby, many new mums and dads are so excited to meet their little one that they underestimate how hard the sleepless nights with a colicky baby can be. Having a new baby is a magical experience in many ways, but the changes to your finances, your social life, and even your relationship with your partner, can be difficult to get used to.”

When you think about it in this way it is no wonder that so many new parents find the first year the hardest. I think this also show the importance of communication not just between the new parents but also to those that are in their support network.

So if you are a new parent and you are currently riding that rollercoaster of emotion then don't fret. It will soon be over and your little newborn will be a running around and causing trouble all over the place like my Bubba and you will miss those newborn days :)

Note: This is a collaborative post


KidloLand App | Review & Giveaway

Bubba loves playing on our iphones and ipads. I know there will be some of you out there outraged that we let our toddler son play with these devises but it's the way of the world now days and I honestly believe that as long as his time on them is limited and he is playing with educational apps then what is the harm? Bubs has a couple of educational apps that he plays with that teach him farm animals or numbers etc but after about 2 minutes he gets bored and is trying to move onto a different app. So when I was asked if we wanted to review a fantastic looking app aimed at 0-5 year olds I jumped at the chance.

The KidloLand app has everything you could possibly want in an educational app and it is jam packed with so many different games, activities and songs! It makes it almost impossible for even the most fickle of little ones to get bored.

Bubba loves the activity section of this app as it is filled with lot's of little mini games that he can do. It includes things like shape sorting or feeding a bear all of his honey. The activities that he seems to like the most are the ones that match the colours or shapes. When he is playing it we will sit with him and tell him the colours in hope that it will help him learn what they are all called.

Bubba also loves the songs on this app as they are interactive. As the nursery rhymes are playing he can tap the video to make different things happen. I love this as well as it makes it more interactive and educational than YouTube videos that he just mindlessly sits and watches.

The things I love about this app as a parent is that there are no adverts which means that Bubba can't click on something he should be. The biggest downside about a lot of these types of apps are the ads that pop up all the time. When Bubba is playing with the KidloLand app I can be reassured that he won't be getting into or watching anything that I don't want him to.

Bubba and I love this app and I would really recommend it if your looking for a fun, educational app for you little ones. I also think it would suit all ages from 0-5 years as for the younger ones there are bright colours and simple shapes and sounds where as for the older children you have the games and more complex activities. The only downside of this app is getting my phone off of Bubba when his iPhone time is over :) He loves this app so much that it can prove hard to prise the phone away from his little hands sometimes!!

Now for the really exciting bit...the lovely guys at KidloLand are giving five..yes FIVE of you lucky lot the chance to win a free 3 month subscription to the KidloLand app. To be in with a chance to win one of these subscriptions just click the box below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

To download your little onw their very own KidloLand app then follow the links below:
Google Play Store
Amazon App Store

note: this app was given to me for the purpose of this review but all opinions expressed are honest and my own.

652 mornings | Blog

651 nights...
652 mornings...

651 goodnight kisses...
652 sleepy morning cuddles...

And people wonder why I was so sad about leaving my Bubba for the night.

I hadn't purposely not stayed away from Bubba but it had never really been an option. Actually, I'm lying, it was an option at one point and me and hubby were going to go to Bristol for his work Christmas doo but Bubba then got croupe and ended up in hospital the night before so no surprise that we didn't go away then. I hadn't stayed away because I didn't need to stay away and I was okay with that. Until it the morning of the 24th July 2016 came round. I was off, on my own to stay away from Bubba for the night.

I was packed, Hubby knew where everything was that he could need and I was ready. Well, I was physically ready but mentally I was no where near ready. All day long I had found myself unintentionally watching him. Seeing all of the little things he was doing and taking a mental note of them. Like the way he taps his fingers together when he is having a cuddle...the way he pokes his tongue out when he is colouring and the way that his eyes sparkle when he finds something funny. I as going away for 1 NIGHT for gods sake?!?!? Why was I acting like I was never going to see him again???

As I left the house, I got into the car and could feel hot tears prickling in my eyes. I didn't want to leave him. I wanted to go back in and be there to put him to bed and cuddle him in the morning like I had done for the last 652 mornings.. But I couldn't. I needed to go. I needed to stay away for the night for my sake and for his sake. I kept remember what everyone around me had said:
'He'll be fine. He's with his Daddy.'
'As soon as your there you'll be fine and it will do you good to be you for a while''
''He probably won't even notice that your gone.''
All of the comments were right but that didn't stop me from wanting to run back indoors and scoop up my little bubba. But I didn't. I put the key in the ignition and set off to the station and that was that.

And it really wasn't that bad. I thought that I would be worrying about him and mopping around but thanks to the wonders of modern technology I was able to FaceTime with him before he had his bath and in the morning when he had woken up. It was wonderful and face timing let me see that he was completely fine and having a whale of a time without me. Damn that Hubby of mine being so cool and fun :)

So what I am trying to say is, if you haven't left your little one before then it's okay. I am not going to judge you and say you need to stay away for the night blah blah blah. But if you have the opportunity then don't let the fear hold you back. I have now broken my 652 morning cycle and its okay. Bubba doesn't love me any less and I have come back refreshed after finding a bit of Ami again rather than being Mumma.

You just do what you got to do :)


Too Fat To Run?? | Blog

It is 1st July 2016 and tonight I am going out for a run. Yes...that's right...I am going for a run! It won't be a long run mind you, as I can barely run to keep up with Bubba the way I am at the minute but it will be a run none the less. Why am I doing this? I am doing this because of this woman...
Picture taken from Julie's twitter page +Julie Fattymustrun Creffield 

Her name is Julie Creffield and she is a plus sized athlete who I was lucky enough to see and hear from at the BritMums Live event. Julie runs 'Too Fat To Run' which is a website and community aimed at helping overweight women to run. During her key note speak Julie spoke about how she suddenly decided to sign up for a marathon one day and how everyone round her said how stupid it was and how she wouldn't be able to do it. She made it her aim to prove them wrong and she did! She has now gone on and done countless amounts of runs and now aims to help people make their 'big fat stupid goals' a reality. Listening to her was so inspiring and she came across as such an honest, inspiring and down to earth person. I actually saw her in the loos at BritMums and am kicking myself now that I didn't chat to her as I was too nervous too!

Julie is now on a new mission to get 10,000 women running via her FREE virtual 5k which is designed specifically for plus size runner and those new to the sport. So basically me then :) I have signed up to Julie's 'One Big Fat Run' and am planning on running at least 4 days out of 5 every week so that I can do the virtual 5k in less than 45 minutes. That is my 'Big Fat Stupid Goal' and I am going to achieve it! Not only am I going to achieve it but I am going to be blogging my journey as well. It won't be long updates but I just want to track my progress so I can (hopefully) see how far I have come by the time the 5k comes on the 31st July 2016. I am currently feeling 'Too Fat To Run' and I am not really sure how I am going to do this but I have the determination so I suppose that is a start!

If you want to sign up to Julie's 'One Big Fat Run' then click here to find out all about it and you can also find Julie on twitter here to find out more about what she does. Go and check her out as she is honestly amazing and an inspiration of mine!

So wish me luck and here goes my journey to 5k!!! :)

Motorola Video Baby Monitor | Review in collaboration with Emma's Diary

As you may or may not know I am an advocacy blogger for Emma's Diary. What this means is that I blog for them and, on occasions, get to work with them on some super exciting projects like this one! The lovely guys at Emma's Diary recently sent me a Motorola MBP41S Video Monitor and as we had never tried a video monitor before I was really excited to put this on to the test and report back!
Picture from the Motorola website
Now, before I go into what I thought of the product , I just want to give a little bit of context as to why I wanted to try it as I know some of you out there will be thinking
''she hasn't got a baby...her sons almost 2...why does she need a baby monitor??''.
Yes I may have a toddler now but this monitor could not have come through at a better time. 2 days before this monitor was delivered we had to take the bars off of bubbas cot bed and convert it into a toddler bed as he climbed out. Having the video monitor meant that we were able to see what bubba was doing after we had put him down without having to get into his room. It is perfect for checking that he is still in bed without having to open the door and potentially disturb him or wake him up. That was the thing I loved the most about having a video baby monitor. I am a naturally nosey person so this just fed the little spy in me :)

This monitor comes with sooooo many features!!! It includes:
  • Up to 300m range and an out of range indicator.
  • 2 way talk facility (which I tried and it scared the life out of Bubba as he couldn't work out where the voice was coming from...opppsss!!).
  • 5 lullabies that you ca switch on from the parent unit.
  • Parent voice recording option on the baby unit.
  • Pan, tilt and zoom function.
  • Intra red night vision so you can see your little one in the dark.
  • 2.8 inch colour screen.
  • The camera is wall mountable.
  • Temperature shown on the screen so you can keep an eye on how hot the rooms gets.
  • Alarm for the parent unit if you wanted to check on your little ones at certain times.
This is in addition to all of the normal things that you would expect from a monitor like a huge amount of channels and the option to add another baby unit if need be!

The things that really stood out to me, having never had a video monitor before, was firstly the quality of the video itself. I thought that it would be really grainy and poor quality but this is fantastic. There is hardly any lag on it too so when you are looking at the screen you are pretty such seeing exactly what is happening in your little ones room. I also love that the temperature is shown on the screen. If you read my blog then you will know that I am a bit obsessive when it comes to the temperature of Bubbas room and I love that this shows you exactly how hot or cold the room is. The last feature that really stuck out to me about this monitor was the alarm facility. You can set the monitor up so that an alarm goes off on the parent unit every 2,4 or 6 hours. Being the temperature freak that I am, I think this is perfect for when your little one is unwell and you want to check in on them periodically. HUGE thumbs up from me on that one!

Overall, I love this monitor and for the £99 RRP I think it is fantastic value for money as well. You should be able to find this monitor at most baby retailers. I have found it at Argos for £99.00.
If you are undecided about how to pick a monitor or if a video monitor would be right for you then Emma's Diary has created a guide on how to help you buy a baby monitor. You can check that out here!
Also, if you don't think that a video monitor is for you, which is fine as they aren't for everyone, then the wonderful guys at Emma's Diary have also created a list of what they think are the top 10 baby monitors. Find that by clicking here!

Note: This item was sent to me for review by Emma's diary as I am an advocacy blogger for them. In saying this, all opinions and views expressed are honest and 100% my own.