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Recently I wanted to update our CV's. It isn't because we are looking for jobs or anything like that but because it is always good to have an up to date CV in your files just in case you should ever need it. To be honest, my CV is pretty bog standard. I haven't done a huge amount of roles and at this point in time my career is on hold so I can focus on being the best Mum possible to Bubba. Hubby on the other hand is in the mists of his career journey at the moment and I was really struggling with his CV and how to put everything on it. I was struggling so much that I actually put out a tweet and that was when the Gods of CV writing answered my prays...

Gifted Recruitment asked me to send Hubby's CV over and explained they would take a look at it and give me some pointers. I was expecting to get an email back with a few pointers abut grammar and spelling but what I wasn't expecting was the amazing service I received. Now, bear in mind that this company did not approach me for a review but just chose to help me and I can honestly say I was overwhelmed at their service.

About 30 mins after sending the CV though my phone rang and it was Chris from Gift Recruitment (who is actually the director of the company!) and we spent a good 20 mins chatting. He gave me some great suggestions about re wording parts of the CV, told me to add more in at certain points and remove some at others, we spoke about layout...the list is endless. I could really tell from speaking to Chris how passionate he is about helping people into recruitment and the tips he gave me showed me how experienced he is in his business.

So why I am telling you this?? Well firstly, because I love to rave about good customer service. We are always so quick to rant about bad service so why shouldn't we celebrate the good with as much gusto?? Secondly, I know first hand how daunting it can be going back to work once you have had a baby and to be fair, I was one of the lucky ones! I went back to a job I knew, with people I knew and an environment that was normal to me. I can only imagine how it would have been if I would have been trying to find work after having Bubba. After having a baby our confidence tends to be at an all time low anyway let alone having to find the self belief to write CV's and go to interviews. That is why I wanted to tall you about Gifted Recruitment. They have CV packages starting from as low as £49 and as I have said the service is fantastic!

Not only can you get CV and recruitments services from Gift Recruitment, Chris has also, in the past, run courses and seminars on helping new Mums get back into work. Chris has also written specifically abut dyslexia and recruitment which was really interesting to read.

Be sure to have a look at their website by clicking here and if you have any questions then you can find them on Facebook and twitter by clicking the links :)

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