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I was always a bit of a winter person. I loved fuzzy jumpers, rainy movie days and warm blankets but since having bubba I seem to have changed. He is such a summer baby and would practically love outside if I let him. He loves nothing better than being out in the sunshine, playing with bubbles and playing with sand and as he is always outside, I seem to be too.

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I think the reason I wasn't a huge summer fan before was because I got bored so easily. It always seemed like a lovely idea to grab a book and a cold drink and go lay in the garden for an hour but in reality I would get out there, get annoyed with the flys or get super sweaty, have a drink that would have a dead bug in it and end up being blinded by the sun so not able to read my book. Laying and sunbathing is boring to me so I just never really do it.
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But...having Bubba at the age he is now, summer is so different. It is like being a child myself again. I get to play in paddling pools, blow bubbles, play swing ball, build sandcastles...I get to do all the things that I used to do 18 years or so ago and the best part is that no one judges me because I am doing it all with my toddler :)

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They say that children give you a totally different outlook on the world and they are right. Summer, so far, has been wonderful. Filled with suncream, smiles and sandy feet and I have loved every single second!
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