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Having a baby is expensive...we all know that right? But have you ever really topped to think about the emotional cost of parenting? Think about the emotional rollercoaster that you go on as a new parent; one minute you are high on love and the next your covered by a cloud of stress and worry. Don't worry...your not on your own.
Recently, a unique study funded by Infacol, Britain’s Number One Colic Remedy found that while three fifths of new parents of children aged 5 and under experienced pride (61%) and joy (67%), they also felt exhaustion (61%) and even fear (32%). The research also found that one in five mums (22%) describe themselves as feeling ‘out of control’ in the first year, with a further one in six parents (17%) finding that the pressures of parenting left them feeling shocked. I remember when Bubba was born feeling all of these emotions. So proud that he was mine and joyous that he was healthy and happy but then again such an overwhelming fear that this precious little bundle of joy was fine to protect and nurture.  

So why is the first year so mixed-up emotionally for so many new mums and dads? Midwife Lara Basini explains:

“When expecting a baby, many new mums and dads are so excited to meet their little one that they underestimate how hard the sleepless nights with a colicky baby can be. Having a new baby is a magical experience in many ways, but the changes to your finances, your social life, and even your relationship with your partner, can be difficult to get used to.”

When you think about it in this way it is no wonder that so many new parents find the first year the hardest. I think this also show the importance of communication not just between the new parents but also to those that are in their support network.

So if you are a new parent and you are currently riding that rollercoaster of emotion then don't fret. It will soon be over and your little newborn will be a running around and causing trouble all over the place like my Bubba and you will miss those newborn days :)

Note: This is a collaborative post

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