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It is 1st July 2016 and tonight I am going out for a run. Yes...that's right...I am going for a run! It won't be a long run mind you, as I can barely run to keep up with Bubba the way I am at the minute but it will be a run none the less. Why am I doing this? I am doing this because of this woman...
Picture taken from Julie's twitter page +Julie Fattymustrun Creffield 

Her name is Julie Creffield and she is a plus sized athlete who I was lucky enough to see and hear from at the BritMums Live event. Julie runs 'Too Fat To Run' which is a website and community aimed at helping overweight women to run. During her key note speak Julie spoke about how she suddenly decided to sign up for a marathon one day and how everyone round her said how stupid it was and how she wouldn't be able to do it. She made it her aim to prove them wrong and she did! She has now gone on and done countless amounts of runs and now aims to help people make their 'big fat stupid goals' a reality. Listening to her was so inspiring and she came across as such an honest, inspiring and down to earth person. I actually saw her in the loos at BritMums and am kicking myself now that I didn't chat to her as I was too nervous too!

Julie is now on a new mission to get 10,000 women running via her FREE virtual 5k which is designed specifically for plus size runner and those new to the sport. So basically me then :) I have signed up to Julie's 'One Big Fat Run' and am planning on running at least 4 days out of 5 every week so that I can do the virtual 5k in less than 45 minutes. That is my 'Big Fat Stupid Goal' and I am going to achieve it! Not only am I going to achieve it but I am going to be blogging my journey as well. It won't be long updates but I just want to track my progress so I can (hopefully) see how far I have come by the time the 5k comes on the 31st July 2016. I am currently feeling 'Too Fat To Run' and I am not really sure how I am going to do this but I have the determination so I suppose that is a start!

If you want to sign up to Julie's 'One Big Fat Run' then click here to find out all about it and you can also find Julie on twitter here to find out more about what she does. Go and check her out as she is honestly amazing and an inspiration of mine!

So wish me luck and here goes my journey to 5k!!! :)

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