2nd Birthday Gift Guide | Haul + GIVEAWAY!!

I can't actually believe I am writing this post! I can't believe my little baby is turning two!!
A question that I have been asked so much recently is ''What can I get him??'. People seem to find that Bubba is a bit difficult to buy for. I don't know if that is because of his age or because he has so many blumming toys already but either way, I thought I would put together a gift guide for 2 year olds to help anyone out there that may be having the same question thrown at them.


Are you ready for Smart Meters? | Blog

Remember when I was invited along to the Estimation Nation event with Smart Energy GB?? If you don't know about it then firstly, why not?? :) Click here to see all of the exciting things I got up to. Secondly, for those who don't know, let me explain what Smart Energy is!
At present we estimate our gas and electric usage yes? We have a meter that tell us exactly how much we are using but our providers tend to work out our bills based on estimations. One of our biggest house hold bills and we estimate it! Crazy right?? Well Smart Meters are here to stop that. Between now and 2020 everyone across England, Scotland and Wales will be offered a smart meter by their energy supplier at no extra cost. These meters will send real time information on your energy usage to your provider and will allow you to see your usage in pounds and pence, giving you a greater control over your bill. Smart energy is the voice of the smart meter roll out in the U.K and they have the task of telling everyone in Great Britain about this amazing campaign. More than 3.5 million smart meters have already been installed and recently Smart Energy has shared with me their latest finding of the impact of these smart meters.


The begining of the end? | Blog

Today I have been made to feel like rubbish. And yesterday I was made to feel like rubbish. As a matter of fact, feeling rubbish seems to be a bit of a trend at the moment and frankly I am sick of it.
The worst part of it is that it is all to do with numbers. Piddley, insignificant numbers.

22, 770, 94, 3695, 137, 2689, 421, 573.

All just silly numbers right? Well they don't feel too silly when you are being asked for them day in, day out as the majority of the time they decide whether you and your blog is deemed good enough for certain opportunities and/or the chance to work with certain people. This stress around numbers has left me asking myself if My Mummy Spam has run it course as my numbers just never seem to be good enough!


That's not my Mummy... | Blog

Recently, I was scrolling through Facebook and I came across a blog post by a very talented lady called Hayley from Sparkles & Stretchmarks. Her post called 'That's not my iPad' is amazing!!! I don't have an iPad anymore because Bubba has basically claimed it as his own and the whole way through Hayley's post I found myself nodding along in agreement with everything she said. We love the 'That's not my' range of booked! We have that's not my car, that's not my pirate, that's not my penguin...just to name a few and Hayley's post got me thinking what else you could convert into a 'That's not my' book for the modern day Mummy. So here is mine...

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Is it too early to mention the C word??? | Blog

I'm going to just come right out and say it.....CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!! Ekkkkkk!!!!

Now you are probably wondering why I am talking about the C word in the middle of summer?? Well Christmas is hurtling towards us at break neck pace and I am so so excited! Last year was a bit of a quite, reflective one for me and my family due to my wonderful Nan passing away but this year I am so excited about it! Bubs is a year older so will have so much more of an understanding and we have done so many bits to our home which will make the decorating so much more exciting! If I am being honest, the decorating and getting the house all Christmassy is one of my favourite bits about Christmas so I thought I would (maybe a little prematurely) share with you some of my favourite places to grab some beautiful pieces for your home at Christmas!


Charlotte...the other woman | Blog


It's 5.30 in the morning. I have just had the most vivid and disturbing dream I have had in a long time and now I can't get back to sleep. All I can do is look at you and fight the urge to wake you up to tell you all of the things that are running through my head. You see, in this dream we were living in our house, had all of our family round and everything was as it should be. Until you introduced me to Charlotte and told me that you had to go away with her for a few days for work. You were leaving right at that moment so you could go for dinner with her before your flight. She was holding onto your arm, you were standing up straighter than normal and looked more alert and almost glowing..my heart broke in my dream and even now I am awake I have a heavy ache in my chest and a searing headache. Thankfully it was only a dream but I can't help but wonder why it has effected me so much!


What's in My Toddlers Changing Bag | Vlog

Not so long ago I made a video all about what we had in our changing bag and before that, about a year ago, I published this blog post all about what we had in our Baby bag. Bubba seems to have gone from a baby to a toddler overnight and his changing bag and what we have in it has reflected that so I wanted to up date y'all with what I lug around each day!

Enjoy :)



Sick!! | Blog

A bug has been making its way through our home....and it ain't been pretty!! It started with hubby a few days ago. Now hubby is a typical man and normally gets ill very occasionally and when he does it is a total drama queen about it! Moaning, groaning, wearing jumpers, laying on the sofa doing bugger all apart from moaning about how ill he is. He started doing this on Tuesday and I just took it with a pinch of salt. Then, he worked from home yesterday. That shocked me as normally no matter how "ill" he is, he always goes into work. I can't actually remember the last time he had a day off sick so for him to work from home yesterday as he could be more than 5 meters away from a toilet made me think that he actually might be a little poorly. Whilst I was at work yesterday, I changed my whole way of thinking and decided that hubby was actually poorly and had a bug. Why the sudden change of heart?? Because hubby had given me his bug and I was now dealing with awful tummy cramps, frequent loo visits (tmi!!!) and shakes/hot sweats. URGHHHHH!!!! I'm feeling much better today thank goodness but hubby still seems to be suffering. My biggest concern now is doing whatever I can to prevent bubba from getting it. He's only ever had 1 sickness bug before and it was horrendous so I would rather disinfect my house than have him(and me!!) go through that again. It could be too late but I had to try! Only time will tell if my obbsessive cleaning has paid off for once! :) So this is really a post to explain my lack of blogging recently (it's difficult to balance a laptop whilst your permanently attached to the loo!!) and normal service will resume soon as long as bubba doesn't catch this dreaded bug!


We are Ben & Holly Ambassadors!! | Review

I have huge, massive, super exciting news for this glorious Monday morning...
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Bubba loves Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom so when we were asked if we wanted to be blogger ambassadors for them I obviously jumped at the chance.

For those who don't know what Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom is then let me explain... it is a children's TV programme all about a young fairy called Holly and her adventures whilst trying to learn about magic with her helpful elf friend called Ben. Their little kingdom is filled with equally little inhabitants who pop in and out of episodes. It has been a huge hit with thousands of children (and parents!!) across the UK and has even had Boris Johnson star in an episode!! If you want to see what all of the hype is about then check out their site here! The Ben & Holly team have recently introduced an amazing range of toys and we were lucky enough to be sent some to try!!

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When we received the ginormous box, the first thing that Bubba pulled out and got very excited about was the DVD. This was the Big Ben & Holly DVD and it includes enough entertaining episodes to occupy your little one so you can get some house work done or even just stop for a cup of tea (I was able to get all my washing and clean my kitchen! Mummy win!!). Next thing Bubba found in the box was a super cute Little Friends Backpack. I love this bag and it is the perfect size for Bubba to pop all his little bits and bobs in when he wants to carry a bag himself, like the stubborn independent toddler he is becoming.
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Next thing Bubba found was the Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom Silly Spells Holly. If I am being honest, Bubba wasn't really interested in this as he is more of a Ben fan so we gave it to one of his friends and she loved it. When you wave the wand Holly casts a spell and her cheeks glow. We also gave Bubbas little friend the Holly Adventure case and she was so excited about it! This case came with a beautiful Holly crown, necklace, ring and star wand...basically everything that your little one needs to transform into Holly. I thought the case was also a great idea as it can be used for other things as well as the dress up toys. I thought both of these were lovely but Bubba wasn't interested. He was too engrossed in playing with the next things he found in the box of goodies.

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Bubba is obsessed with little figures at the moment and he was very kindly sent the Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom Elf Rocket along with a Figure Pack and he LOVES them! The rocket is amazing!! It makes lot's of noise (great for bubba not so great for Mumma) , has a torch light in the top, rotating magic jelly fuel and a carry handle for easy play. Bubba really enjoys playing with the rocket along with the figures and loves putting the characters into the rocket and flying them around :)

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 The toys are great! Obviously the concept with each of the is fantastic as them are exactly what kids enjoy playing with but the reason I like the items is more than that. I can't stress to you how well all of these products are made! They are such good quality and seem to be very durable (trust me...Bubs put them to the test pretty well!).

Thank you so much to the guys at Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom for sending Bubba this generous and amazing pack of goodies and we are so excited about our next ambassador mission :)



How can it be August already??? I honestly feel like I have blinked and we are in the middle of summer. August feels a little bit like the calm before the storm for me. It is going to be a month filled with planning, preparing and organising as we get ready for the craziness that is going to be September. I am sooooo looking forward to all the exciting things that are going to be happening next month but seeing as that is a whole 31 days away, here's what I am looking forward to in August!

Summer Days Out
When I flick through my diary for August, we only have one free weekend! BBQ's, birthday parties and family fun days are filling our weekends and I am so excited about it! Bubba loves nothing more than being out in the open and all of the things we have planned are out in gardens or in the woods or at parks. Just keep your fingers crossed for me that it doesn't rain!!!

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Finishing Our Bathroom
I'm going to write a separate post about our bathroom journey as it has been a bit of a drawn out one but I am looking forward to Hubby finally finishing off our bathroom this month. It's only the little things that need to be done now such a lights being put in, kick boards attached ect but it is always these little things that take the longest time. Lets hope (for hubs sake) that the bathroom is finished as soon as poss into August.

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Planning Bubba Birthday Party
I can't believe I am planning my little bubbas 2nd birthday party!! It's something I am struggling to think about at the moment as it makes me feel way too emotional (yes I am that type of Mum) but I am planning on distracting myself from the impending tears by planning a kick arse birthday party. I am currently struggling with picking a theme though! Bubba loves Mickey Mouse clubhouse but we had that theme last year so I am considering going for something else that he loves like PJ masks or The Lion Guard but I really am not sure. I guess I had better decide too as there isn't long to go!!

Holiday Prep
We are off to Disneyland Paris in September (just in case I haven't mentioned it enough times already) and I am one of those sad people who really love to plan for holidays. I love planning to pack and writing lists of everything we need...it's all part of the holiday experience for me and I will be getting started on my OCD organised planning in a few weeks time.

So that is what my August looks like! What are you plans for this glorious month? Let me know in the comments below :)