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I'm going to just come right out and say it.....CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!! Ekkkkkk!!!!

Now you are probably wondering why I am talking about the C word in the middle of summer?? Well Christmas is hurtling towards us at break neck pace and I am so so excited! Last year was a bit of a quite, reflective one for me and my family due to my wonderful Nan passing away but this year I am so excited about it! Bubs is a year older so will have so much more of an understanding and we have done so many bits to our home which will make the decorating so much more exciting! If I am being honest, the decorating and getting the house all Christmassy is one of my favourite bits about Christmas so I thought I would (maybe a little prematurely) share with you some of my favourite places to grab some beautiful pieces for your home at Christmas!

1. Garden Centres -
I love garden centres at Christmas time! There is one near us that we go to every year and it is filled with the most wonderful displays covered in glitter, tinsel, sparkle and all things Christmassy. We even get to visit Santa whilst we are there. I also tend to get a lot of our Christmas decorations from there. Last year I brought a beautiful table runner and all of our serviettes from our local garden centre.

2. Department Stores -
I love the big department stores at Christmas time as you can literally get everything you could ever need for your home in these stores! Last year I loved House of Fraser as they had some beautiful things including a gorgeous gold vase and gold glittery twigs which we got to go in our lounge for the festive period but I actually loved them so much that they are still in the room almost 9 months later :)

3. Local Businesses -
I love supporting local businesses, especially at Christmas time and I find they always do the most beautiful, personalised gifts and homeware. I found a few people last year through Facebook that made Christmas bits and this year I am on the hunt for a Christmas eve box for our family and will most probably end up getting it from a local business.

Where is your favourite place to purchase Christmassy home bits?? Any hidden gems of stores you want to share? Let me know in the comments :)

Note - This is a collaborative post.

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