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A bug has been making its way through our home....and it ain't been pretty!! It started with hubby a few days ago. Now hubby is a typical man and normally gets ill very occasionally and when he does it is a total drama queen about it! Moaning, groaning, wearing jumpers, laying on the sofa doing bugger all apart from moaning about how ill he is. He started doing this on Tuesday and I just took it with a pinch of salt. Then, he worked from home yesterday. That shocked me as normally no matter how "ill" he is, he always goes into work. I can't actually remember the last time he had a day off sick so for him to work from home yesterday as he could be more than 5 meters away from a toilet made me think that he actually might be a little poorly. Whilst I was at work yesterday, I changed my whole way of thinking and decided that hubby was actually poorly and had a bug. Why the sudden change of heart?? Because hubby had given me his bug and I was now dealing with awful tummy cramps, frequent loo visits (tmi!!!) and shakes/hot sweats. URGHHHHH!!!! I'm feeling much better today thank goodness but hubby still seems to be suffering. My biggest concern now is doing whatever I can to prevent bubba from getting it. He's only ever had 1 sickness bug before and it was horrendous so I would rather disinfect my house than have him(and me!!) go through that again. It could be too late but I had to try! Only time will tell if my obbsessive cleaning has paid off for once! :) So this is really a post to explain my lack of blogging recently (it's difficult to balance a laptop whilst your permanently attached to the loo!!) and normal service will resume soon as long as bubba doesn't catch this dreaded bug!

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