5 Tips for Mums Looking to Shop Organic | Guest Post

Recently I was contacted by a wonderful brand called Sense Organics who produce some beautiful organic clothes for children of all ages. I loved their range so much that when they asked if I would share some of their top tips for shopping organic, I happily agreed!


Behind the Blog | We Made This Life

Welcome back to another special edition of behind the blog and today we are meeting blogger, vlogger and all round talented mumma, Ali who is the brains behind 'We Made This Life'. Ali's blog is filled with so many wonderful things from interiors to beauty and I would really recommend you guys checking out her YouTube channel too as she makes some wonderful vlogs! Don't forget to go and say hi to Ali on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram after you have had a read.


Divorce Sucks | Guest Post Counting to Ten

As I am away from the blog I asked if any other bloggers wanted to guest post for me to give you guys something to have a read off whilst I am a not here. The lovely Kate from Counting to Ten offered and when she sent me through her post I was floored. The below post that she has written is so beautifully raw and honest and I just want to give her a HUGE high five for being writing about what is ultimately a life changing situation in such a honest and heart felt way. Once you have had a read please go and give Kate some love on her Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as she deserves it :)

Divorce Sucks...

Divorce sucks. Yes I know that is obvious but it does. I never thought I would be writing this post, but I used to think you should always make marriages work. 


A very special guest post | My Mum

As you know by now, I am currently on my holidays so I have been roping in some wonderful bloggers to help keep my blog alive whilst I am not here. Today I have something very special for you though...it's not a blogger or anyone big and famous but to me she is one of the most important people in my life. It's my Mum also known as Ami's Mumma if you read her comments on my blog posts :)
My Mum read my 'That's not my Mummy' post and came up with her own version called 'That's not my Nanny' and I loved it so wanted to share it with you all. You can find it a little further down the post.
So ladies and gentlemen (if there are any of you men out there) I present to you my Mumma.

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Hello everybody!! I am Ami's mumma and have been given the reins to My Mummy Spam whilst Ami is off in Disneyland. Blogging is all new to me but here goes.

my mummy spam, mymummyspam, guest post, my mum, mum, mother. motherhood, family, daughter, grandson, love, happiness, birth, nan, nanny, grandmother, grandad, newborn, new baby, cuddles, Firstly, let me tell you a little about me. I am Ami's mumma and am childminder so get to have Munchkin (or Bubba as you will know him) 2 days a week. Pretty soon I will be celebrating the big 50 birthday which I am actually looking forward to as I have lots of stuff planned including a spa trip and a girly night out. 
Mine and Ami's relationship hasn't always been like is now. As a teenager we didn't always see eye to eye as her Dad and I were always too strict and ALL her friends could do the stuff we said no to but the teenage years past quickly and things improved and now we are very close. 
Fast forward a few years and after helping Ami plan her wedding and seeing her and her husband buy their first home it was time for Munchkin.
I know that when she found out she was pregnant Ami was terrified of telling me as I had always said I didn't want to be a Nan before I was 50. Why?? I really don't know but I took the news well and was soon pretty excited and out buying bits. 9 months flew by and it was time for our lives to change. I had the honour of being with Ami and hubby for the birth. What a star she was! She totally surprised me (as I thought she would be a bit of a wuss) and what a MAGICAL moment it was...even though I did nearly pass out when I saw the blood :) I still would recommend it to everyone as it is such a magical moment.
my mummy spam, mymummyspam, guest post, my mum, mum, mother. motherhood, family, daughter, grandson, love, happiness, birth, nan, nanny, grandmother, great grandson, brissy, Fast forward again and Munchkin is now 2 years old. We love him to pieces and he brings so much joy to our lives. Those who follow Ami's blog regularly will know that our family had a tough year but Munchkin was a bright light in all the sadness. Although it does makes me so sad to think that even though my Dad was able to see Munchkin for the first 5 months of his little life, he doesn't get to share the cheeky chappie he is now. He would have loved that. Munchkin is just so cute, funny and loveable. I love that I get to look after him 2 days a week while Ami works and enjoy every precious moment we spend together.
I have to share one last thing with you before I gibe you my 'That's not my' story...a couple of days ago, my husband (munchkins Grandad) had just arrived home as we were walking down the road. I said this to munchkin and he put his arms in the air and shouted 'Yeaaayyyy'. Once we were home and out off buggy he ran in as quick as he could and hugged Grandads legs... I'm pretty sure my heart stopped :)
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This is what prompted this post with reference to Ami's 'that's not my mummy' 

I had a 'That's not my Nanny' moment 

That's not my Nanny
She's not covering me in hugs & kisses

That's not my Nanny 
She isn't blowing raspberries on my 'poo cheesies' (feet)

That's not my nanny
I'm not watching telly eating my breakfast

That's' not my Nanny 
She doesn't have chocolate in the fridge

That's' not my Nanny 
She didn't buy anything in the toy shop

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That's my NANNY,
She loves my lots and lots and spoils me all the time.

Thank you so much to my wonderful Mumma for this lovely guest post. Who would have thought my Mum would ever have been appearing on my blog hey???? Next up I shall try to get her in a vlog :)
I would post all of her social links here but she only has Facebook so leave a blog comment below giving her lots of love for this post :)

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Guest Post | Mums The Law

Today I have a very special treat for all you lovely lot out there...the wonderful Amy from Mums The Law is taking over the blog and sharing her five things you must ac before going away with a child under one! I actually read this in detail before we left for our holiday and am taking every single one of the things she has listed :) Thanks so much for guest posting Amy and don't forget to go and say hi to her (and have a swoon over how cute her little man is) on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Five must haves for travelling with a tot!

Going on holiday is awesome, we all know that. Ami is lucky enough to be on her jollies right now, which is why I’m here just taking over for one post. It therefore only seemed fitting that we did a holiday themed post based on our recent jaunt to Benidorm with an eight month old child. If your kids are now back at school and the holidays are a recent, fading memory, I can only apologise.


To My 2 Year old... | Blog

To our Darling little boy,
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2 years ago you came into our world and created our little family. You have made mine and Daddys life complete and you fill our days with so much joy and happiness. You are funny, cheeky, stubborn, clever, loving and polite and we could not be prouder of the little boy you are becoming.


Busy Busy Busy.... | Blog

My life is about to get very busy so this blog may be seeing a few changes for a couple of weeks. Now when I say busy I don't mean bad busy...I mean very excitingly busy filled with things that we have been waiting for and planning for a while. Birthdays, holidays and hopefully lots of memory making is about to happen in the next couple of weeks.

Firstly we have Bubbas 2nd birthday. I am actually writing this on the Thursday night before Bubbas birthday BBQ/party which I am hoping goes without a hitch. It is meant to rain on Saturday which is causing me concern (I'm not sure why as there is bugger all I can do about it!) and I am also stressing a little as I have so much prep to do before Saturday but thankfully hubby is off now so he can help and fingers crossed it all goes off with out a hitch and we have lovely afternoon with our family and friends.

Next up we have Bubbas actual birthday. I am so excited about giving him his presents and seeing his little face when he sees his tepee and paw patrol toys! We are also off for a family trip to the zoo which we do quite a bit but we know bubba loves it and as we haven't been in a couple of months I am pretty excited about taking him.

Finally we have the biggest thing that will be taking me away from the blog for a while. We are off on holiday!!!! Just after Bubbas birthday we are off to Disneyland Paris! I am so excited and also a little nervous as it will be bubbas first proper holiday! I am a little worried about how he will adapt
with sleeping somewhere different and being thrown out of routine but hopefully he will be so shattered that he will just konk out :) Disneyland Paris is a really special place for us as it was where me and hubby met on a school trip when we were 15 and it was where hubby asked me to marry him back in 2009 and now we get to take our Mickey Mouse obsessed little boy there.

So, all really exciting things but things that will be pulling me away from my blog and social media for a while. Not that it's a bad thing to have some time away every now and again but to give you guys something to read whilst I am away, I have some wonderful bloggers who have offered to guest post for me. So for the next couple of weeks I will still be tweeting and posting on Facebook and will be treating you to some fantastic posts by some amazing bloggers.

Enjoy and I will be back in a couple of weeks :)


Just feed your child!! | Blog

Oxford dictionary describes weaning as :

' To accustom an infant or other young mammal to food other than it's mothers milk.'

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If you have weaned your little one or are currently going through the weaning process then you will know that it is so much more than that! There are so many different things to consider; Baby lead weaning, purees, how much milk they are getting, if the balance of food is right, are they eating too much, are they not eating enough....the list is endless...but I want to explain why, in my opinion, it doesn't matter which way you do it or how long it takes, that's okay...just feed you child the way you want and need to!


Dear Bloggers...

Dear Bloggers,

Some of you I have known for a while now and some of you are bloggers that I have only recently come across but I feel that I need to write to any of you that will read this as recently I have seen and heard things that have made me feel so disillusioned with the blogging community and I need to get it off my chest.