Dear Bloggers...

Dear Bloggers,

Some of you I have known for a while now and some of you are bloggers that I have only recently come across but I feel that I need to write to any of you that will read this as recently I have seen and heard things that have made me feel so disillusioned with the blogging community and I need to get it off my chest.

All of us are talented and passionate writers. Parenting blogs, fashion blogs, beauty blogs, lifestyle blogs, food blogs, money saving blogs...the list of blogs that I read is endless and everyone who writes a blog is, in my eyes, a very committed and creative individual (that and stark raving mad of course!). 'Non bloggers' seem to think that blogging is just writing a load of words down on a page, adding some pictures and then talking about what you have written on social media but we all know that it is so much more than that.

It's SEO, photos, buffer, DA, twitter chats, Facebook groups, Instagram likes, tribes, events, labels, scheduling, commenting, linkies...it goes on and on and the last thing we all need to be dealing with is hate. Not hate from the trolls as this will probably come to most of us at some point or another but hate from each other.

I have recently seen and heard things where bloggers have been slating one another or making snidey comments about other people blogs and pursuits publically. Talking about all the things they hate about the blogging world and about how they hate cliques and tribes and how people who call blogs 'their little space of the internet' are annoying and moaning about how some people get opportunities and others don't. Blah blah blah blah!!! I have seen all sorts recently and I am left asking myself why people feel the need to comment and bitch about these things??

Who cares if I call my blog my little corner of the internet??
Who cares if I start my YouTube videos with 'Hi Guys'
Who cares if I have a clique of kick ass mummy bloggers who I chat to on a daily basis??
Who cares if I am part of an Instagram tribe to help myself and others with the new algorithm??
Who cares if others are getting certain opportunities and you aren't?? Your time will come!

Am I hurting you? Am I forcing you to read my blog and watch my YouTube videos?? No! So why do people feel the need to publically slate those who do these things?

The world is full of enough hate and negativity and I, for one, don't want or need anymore in my life. So...bloggers..what I am saying is, if you don't like something then scroll on by or don't read it. If you want to have a chat or a moan about it then go right ahead but lets not do it on social platforms where others could see it and get upset by it. Moan to your partner or friends or on a private WhatsApp group like some awesome people I know do ;)

The blogging community is such a great one filled with amazing, talented, supportive and unique people and I hate it when I see that people are trying to bring this amazing lot down. It doesn't need to happen and what does anyone actually gain from it??

That's my rant done for now. Thanks so much for reading and lets spread a little bit more love rather than this horrible stuff.

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