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Do you ever feel lucky?
I don't mean winning a tenner on the lottery lucky but the type of lucky that makes you feel appreciative and humble?
I think I lead a relatively simple life. We have a modest home, hubby and I work hard (especially hubby), we have our gorgeous little boy, we have a wonderful network of family and friends around us and we have our health. What more in life do you need?
This sense of appreciation really hit me this morning when we were doing what we do every morning. I was snuggled up in bed with our wonderful little pickle who was holding my hand and babbling away to me, hubby came up with a coffee for me and gave us both a kiss and headed off to work. It was in that moment I realised how lucky I am. Snuggled in our bed with our little boy in our little house whilst the love of my life trundles off to work happily so I can stay home with our little man 2 days a week.
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We may not live in a huge house filled with all the best thing whilst we wear all the best clothes but we have a home full of happiness and love and that fills me with more joy than any money or stuff ever could. Sometimes though I think that we focus on what we lack in our lives rather than what we have. I know that sometimes I find myself thinking "I wish I could have those clothes" or "I wish we could book that holiday" but it's in the moments like this morning when those wishes are menial as all that really matters is the real stuff and the people you love. The rest is just a nice addition :)
So if your ever feeling a bit down and thinking about the things you don't have just stop for a moment and look around. Soak in even the littlest of things you have and feel lucky that you have them :)

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