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Yes, I am still alive and no I didn't up sticks and move to Disneyland Paris (although how amazing would it be if I had?!??). Some of you (in reality probably no one) may have noticed that I have been missing on here for quite a while. Last you lovely lot knew I was off enjoying my holibobs and I was back at the end of September. So where have I been since then I hear no one you ask?? I have been stuck in a horrible, sick filled, stressful rut, that where!!

mymummyspam, my mummy spam, disneyland paris, disneyland, family, disneyland paris holiday, DLP, disney, family, family photo, parenting, love, husband, son, blogging, holiday Lets rewind a little bit to the last week of September when we came home from holiday. We had the most wonderful time away filled with magical moments and some serious quality family time which was well needed. I came home ready and raring to get back into my blog and back on YouTube but then bubba got sick and work got hard. For the past few weeks I have literally felt stretched more than ever before and I had to focus on bubba and my work so therefore My Mummy Spam had to suffer.

Our poor little pickle started by getting what we thought was a cold when we got home. I wasn't worried until his temperature almost hit 40 and after an eventful trip to the out of hours doctors where bubba threw up all over her and her office it turned out that he had ANOTHER ear and throat infection! Off we trotted back home with more antibiotics and the hope that in a couple of days he would perk up again which he did...until he then came out in a horrible rash that the doctors think could be chicken pox....AGAIN!!!

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I honestly feel like bubba is never well and it is making me feel so sad for him and so worried all the time. I can't understand it as he doesn't live in a dirty house or eat rubbish all the time but yet he always seems to be getting ill. As he has felt poorly it has meant he has needed more of my time and attention which is fine but I can't do everything. When I first came home from holiday I felt like I was trying to work (really hard as there is a lot of pressure right now), keep on top of all the house hold chores, blog and be a human pillow for my human snuggle bug and it just all wasn't working so the blog had to wait.

But it's alright as you guys are amazing and I know that you don't mind when I have to take a couple of week off right?? :) The good news is that I am back now so no need to worry. I have had a couple of weekends to catch up with all my general life stuff, I have got my day job a little more under control and I am now finally in a place where I can sit for an hour or so and write which, trust me, has felt so so good!!

So thank you for being patience and keep your eyes peeled for some exciting things coming soon on My Mummy Spam (including some pretty cool giveaways!!)

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