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Bubba loves a book! Since he was a few months old we made sure that we read him a book each night before bed and now he is older it has become the part of the bedtime routine that I look forward to the most. Bubba snuggles down with his milk and we read whilst he points out the pictures and EVERY time we get to the end of the book he asks us 'again??'  :)  The only issue is because we read every night we tend to go through Bubbas books pretty quickly so when we were asked if we wanted to review a new book I jumped at the chance.

The book we were sent, written by husband and wife team Louise and Noam, was inspired by their desire to share their love of music with their children. They both believed that music can have a strong impact on early develop for children and found there were not many books to support this so they took the plunge and created one themselves. Jungle Jam is a fun, informative and educational book aimed at 0-5 year olds that follows the story of Mikey the Monkey, a singing monkey, who dreams of becoming a jungle star so sets off on a journey to find stardom. On his way through the jungle he comes across a number of animals, all who play different musical instruments, and who ask him to join them and sing along. Mikey declines each time until eventually he hears all the animals playing music together. Mikey thinks the noise he so wonderful that he decides to join them animals and become a jungle success.

This book is wonderful!! Bubba loved the bright colours and recognisable illusions of the animals and I loved the story line and the way it read. In the story each of the animals played a different instrument and Bubs loved it when me and hubby started 'playing' the instruments and making the noises. He even joined in on a couple of them (which was heart stoppingly cute!!). It was the perfect length for a bedtime story and I loved that it came with the 'team work' message whilst teaching Bubba all about music and different instruments. It is overall a fantastic book!!

And now for the really exciting bit...you can win your very own copy of Jungle Jam to share with your little one! All you have to do is follow the instructions below.

If you can't wait for the giveaway then you can grab a copy now right here!

note: this book was sent to me for review purposes but all opinions expressed are honest and my own.

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