Do I have anxiety?? | Blog

I've always thought of myself as pretty emotionally stable. Whenever I have read or heard about people suffering with depression or stress or anxiety I always wondered how they had got to that place as I always thought that mental health was a choice. I thought that you could choose to be positive about whatever it was that was causing the issue or you could wallow in it and let it consume you. I have realised in the past few weeks that in fact neither of these points are true. I am feeling less emotionally stable by the day and NO amount of positivity or good thoughts seems to be stopping it.

I think that the first time I ever really experienced anxiety was when I was about 12. I can't remember the circumstances surrounding it but I remember sitting on my bed at home and my hands going tingly and numb. Then it was my feet...I had horrendous pins and needles and couldn't stand up. The tingling was even in my lips and I felt that I couldn't talk. The worse part was that I couldn't breath out. I felt that I could only keep breathing in and my body wouldn't let me push the air out of my lungs and it felt like they were going to explode. I remember thinking that I was going to die and it was damn scary. Luckily for me, my mum was there and she got medical advice and it came to light that I wasn't dying but I was having a panic attack. Mum and I learnt that to help control them I needed to breath in and out slowly into a paper bag and that it was the imbalance of oxygen to carbon dioxide that causes all of the numbness and tingling.


Ben & Holly Christmas Bundle! | Review

As you may already know, Bubba and I were extremely lucky this year as we were picked to be Ben & Holly Ambassadors for Entertainment One! We were sent an amazing bundle of goodies a few months ago and recently we received yet another box full to the brim with Ben & Holly goodies that I couldn't wait to share with you!

Before I start getting into what was in our latest bundle I just want to take a moment to talk about the quality of these toys. In the last bundle we received Bubba got the Ben & Holly Elf Rocket and he loves it! He plays with it on a weekly basis and I have been amazed at how durable it is. This poor rocket is constantly being ''flown'' around by bubba and occasional gets dropped crash lands into things yet is still as good as the day we got it. I think that goes to show how well these products are made and their longevity.


#ChristmasJumperDay with Save the Children UK | Event

Christmas is on it's way and that can mean only one thing... No!! Not that it's time to crack out the mince pies...that it's time to get ready for Christmas Jumper Day!! This year, this fun filled festive day is on 16th December and last week we were invited along to Westfield Stratford City to help Save the Children UK get ready to launch their special day.

If you don't know what I am talking about then let me explain...Christmas Jumper day is a chance for everyone out there to get silly for a serious cause. All you need to do is pop over to the Christmas Jumper Day website and register to get your fundraising pack and then it's all over to you. Get together with your friends/colleagues/school mates or family and put your best Christmas Jumper on show. By donated just £2 (£1 if your at school or nursery), you will be helping to save children's lives! The more you raise, the more you help. It's as simple as that!

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Just let socks be socks!!!!! | Blog

Recently I brought Bubba some paw patrol socks as at the moment if it ain't Paw Patrol then my pickle don't wanna know!! I found some in George at ASDA and as they were 2 for £7 I thought I would buy him both packs that were on offer. They had all of his favourite characters on them...Chase, Marshall, Skye... all the Paw Patrol gang and when they came through Bubs was so excited. Me, on the other hand...I was perplexed. 5 brownie points if you can see the huge, annoying, GENDER STEROTYPING, boo boo on the packaging;

I'm sorry but can anyone out their enlighten me as to when socks started to be gender specific??? I thought that socks were just socks? According to George at ASDA I'm wrong!


Remembering each other... | Blog

Hubby and I have been together for 7 years this year and sometimes I think we forget each other. Not the kind of forgetting each other where you go ''who are you??' but when you just forget the other persons feelings a little bit. Let me explain as this even sounds a bit like drivle to me and I'm the one writing it!

When we first started living together back in 2010 we did whatever we wanted, when ever we wanted and only ever had to think about what we wanted. We went out to pubs with friends, had romantic dinners, breakfast in bed. Even down to the littler things like walking down a road talking to each other and holding hands...it was bliss. Now if we are walking together one of us is normally pushing a buggy whilst the other is holding onto O's hand and we are so busy talking to him or watching what he's doing that we forget to talk to each other.


When you say nothing at all | blog

The blogging world is filled with so much pressure and so much competition that sometime it is too difficult to keep up. It is a world filled with some wonderful people who are so very talented but it is also one that is becoming more and more saturated. I can't speak for other bloggers here but I know that for me, the immense pressure that I put on myself sometimes is too much and sometimes I need to take a step away to re-evaluate why I do this.
I am constantly aware of my blog. Have I posted enough times this week? Am I writing content that is relevant and interesting? Have I written something that is different and people will want to read? Have I posted on Instagram enough recently? What is my Facebook page doing? Have I joined any linkies? Have I gone and commented on my favourite blogs? NO....no I haven't because sometimes I just don't have anything to say and I need to stop all this pressure I'm putting on myself and know that it is okay!
Recently my life has been a bit busy. Nothing major but I have been going to the gym more often, my day job has needed more focus and we have had some busy weekends doing family things therefore I haven't found the time to write like I usually do. I'm not one of these super bloggers who has posts scheduled until next year and beyond... if we are being honest my blogging time seems to be stolen moments during the day or in the evening when I have some inspiration and drive. Recently I haven't made the time or had the inspiration and I don't want to just write for the sheer hell of writing so I haven't written. It always feels that at the moment there is always something else that needs to be done other than blogging.
Take this morning for example; it's currently 6.45. Bubs woke us up at the ungodly hour of 5.30 and we all snoozed together until about 6. I then got up, got washed and brushed my teeth, folded the laundry, put some more washing in, made tea, emptied the dishwasher and was inspired to write this post. Right now I should be straightening my hair and putting on some slap so I look half decent for work but I can do that in 15 mins right?!?!? .....
Life gets busy sometimes and it ticks along quite happily. During times like this, I find it difficult to find the time and the inspiration to write and so what if I don't? Will my DA effected? Probably. Will my TOTs and rise and all those other charts that we bloggers care about be effected? Yes, probably. Do I mind? At this moment in time, no! Why write a half hearted post just so I have something to say? No thanks! (Although ask me next month when all the scores come out and I may feel differently!!)  :)
I'm sure I'll be back in a couple of days with sometime intresting to say but for now, in the words of the ledgend that is Rowan Keating..
"You say it best...when you say nothing at all"


LOVING my new boots with lovethesales.com | Review

This is the perfect time of year for wellie boots! Rainy days, wood walks, firework displays...all of which tend to be the time to get your wellies out. Luckily for me, Lovethesales.com sent me my perfect pair of wellies and I was so happy with them that I had to share!!

First of all, a bit about Lovethesales.com. This website is just amazing!!! It is one of the only sites that brings together all of the sales from the brands that we love. Lovethesales.com brings you each and every sale item from 100's or retailers and 1000's of brands. They are all popped on lovethesales.com and made super easily searchable. Want a new pair of Uggs or a Michal Kors watch?? They are the place to go as the products are 100% genuine but have amazing discounts.

I found (and fell in love with) a gorgeous pair of hunters wellies on their site. I have always wanted a pair of hunters but when them came through my calves were too damn fat so I couldn't fit into them!!! sob!!!! So, I returned the boots and it was so easy to do. I had a couple of options to return them which was great as it means if you haven't got a post office close by you needn't worry. I then went back to searching through the 1000's of items on their site to find something I loved just as much. With coats, bags, shoes, clothes and even homeware to choose from, it was a really difficult choice!
I then found another pair of Hunters Wellies that I knew were the ones!! They may not be to everyone's taste but I love them!!

This are perfect for me because they do everything the original hunters do (waterproof, quality material) but without me having to try and jam my elephant type calves into the boot! When these arrived I was so excited about taking them out for a test run and I didn't have to wait long as that weekend we were off to a firework display at a farm and it was due to rain. I don't think I had ever been so excited for rain and mud before!! The boots did not let me know. My feet stayed dry all night (wish I could say the same about the rest of me) and I didn't slip or feel unstable once. They were brilliant!

I can't recommend lovethesales.com enough. Their website is super easy to use and filled to the brim with amazing deals on some pretty stunning designer stuff! Make sure you check them out if you want to get someone something very special this Christmas or if you just fancy treating yourself!

Note: I was sent this item for review from lovethesales.com but all opinions expressed are honest and my own.


Changing my life | Blog

Dramatic drumroll and majestic fanfare....

I am changing my life!!

Okay, well it's not that dramatic but to better explain let's rewind a couple of months...

2 months ago we went to Disneyland Paris. I had the most wonderful time in the most magical place on earth with my 2 favourite people but there was one thing that was always niggling away at me in the back of my mind. Every morning when I got dressed it was there. Every time the camera came out for a photo it was there. It was literally like the (fat) elephant in my head...


Christmas Gift Ideas for Toddlers PLUS a giveaway!!!!

"Holidays are coming.... holidays are coming.... "
Is it just me that's super excited?!?! 😊 So excited that today I am bring you my third and final gift guide of the year (waaaaaahhhhhhh!!) and seeing as we have done gifts for him and for her, it seems like it's only right to leave the best til last...little ones and these gift ideas are focused more around
toddlers seeing as that's my area of expertise. So here is my Christmas Gift Ideas for Toddlers!



Christmas Gift Ideas for Her!

On the 2nd day of Christmas my true love gave to me... 2 turtle doves and a partridge in a pear treeeeeee...
I'm pretty sure that this song was written by a man! I mean why woman would buy their hubby a bird in a tree and 2 doves?!? It must be a man :) but the in their defence us women can be pretty hard to buy for so today I wanted to share with you my 5 ideas for what you can get the women in your life this Christmas.


Christmas Gift Ideas for Him!

The clocks have gone back... the days are getting colder... everyone seems to be getting colds and coughs.... that can mean only one thing...it's almost CHRISTMAS!!!! Never one to be a bah humbug I thought I would kick of talking about Christmas early this year (well some say it's early...I say it's about bloody time! 😊) and give you some gift ideas for men in your lives!!

If you Dad/Husband/Brothers are anything like mine then they are the hardest ones to buy for when it comes to Christmas shopping so I have searched high and low to bring you 5 of the best gift ideas for the men in your lives!

1. Novelty slippers!

Now maybe it's just my family but I know that I can get my brothers or dad or husband something novelty and they won't be upset that they haven't got a "proper" Christmas present as such. So much so that a few years ago as part of his Christmas gifts, I brought my eldest brother a book all about


EasiYo Yogurt Maker | Review & Giveaway!!

Did you know you can make your own yogurt at home?? Well up until a couple of weeks ago I didn't and with EasiYo it could not be easier....that's probably why it's called EasiYo :)