Ben & Holly Christmas Bundle! | Review

As you may already know, Bubba and I were extremely lucky this year as we were picked to be Ben & Holly Ambassadors for Entertainment One! We were sent an amazing bundle of goodies a few months ago and recently we received yet another box full to the brim with Ben & Holly goodies that I couldn't wait to share with you!

Before I start getting into what was in our latest bundle I just want to take a moment to talk about the quality of these toys. In the last bundle we received Bubba got the Ben & Holly Elf Rocket and he loves it! He plays with it on a weekly basis and I have been amazed at how durable it is. This poor rocket is constantly being ''flown'' around by bubba and occasional gets dropped crash lands into things yet is still as good as the day we got it. I think that goes to show how well these products are made and their longevity.

On to our most recent box which I have called a Christmas bundle as I think that all of it would make perfect Christmas gifts for the little ones in your lives. The first thing Bubba pulled out of the box when I opened it was (of course) the biggest item. The Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom Elf Tree Playset is amazing! With three levels for the characters to play on is the kind of thing that Bubba loves at the moment. The set comes with a couple of accessories including a Barnaby elf, work bench, bed & bookcase which is amazing seeing as this is only £29.99!! For a price like that I would only have expected to have got the tree house itself but to get the extras as well is great value for money in my opinion!

The next thing that I spotted was a super cute umbrella which had Ben, Holly & their friends printed onto it. This is available from Brollied (check here for details) and is only £9.95 so would make a great stocking filler! I also spotted something that I knew would make Bubba very excited...A Gaston book!!! For those of you who don't know, Gaston is a little ladybird who acts a little bit like a dog and barks. Bubba loves him and I knew he would love this book as it is a book that makes sounds too so I popped it to one side before he had a change to see it properly. I'm sure he will love it when he opens it on Christmas morning! The Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom Uncle Gaston Book is available here for only £6.99.

The last few things in the box included the a Ben & Holly puzzle set, the Planet Bong DVD and a lovely little Bedtime story play set. The puzzle and the DVD were nice but the play set was stunning!! This set was the Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom Holly's Bedtime Stories Playset which comes with King Thistle & Holly figures, Holly's bed, bedside table, mirror, bedtime book and magical treasure chest. All of that in a play set for only £9.99 which I think is unbelievable!!!!

So that was what was in our Christmas Ben & Holly bundle. A huge amount of fun! We have thoroughly enjoyed being Ben & Holly bloggers this year and thank you so much to the guys behind the scenes for sending all of these goodies through to us.

Has your little one got any of these on their list for Santa this year? Let me know in the comments and don't forget to check out the Ben & Holly website for lot's more fun and games :)

Note: This products were sent to us for the purpose of review but all opinions expressed are honest and my own.

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