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Dramatic drumroll and majestic fanfare....

I am changing my life!!

Okay, well it's not that dramatic but to better explain let's rewind a couple of months...

2 months ago we went to Disneyland Paris. I had the most wonderful time in the most magical place on earth with my 2 favourite people but there was one thing that was always niggling away at me in the back of my mind. Every morning when I got dressed it was there. Every time the camera came out for a photo it was there. It was literally like the (fat) elephant in my head...

This was my first time being on holiday being fat!

Now, everyone has their own idea of what 'fat' is and to me 'fat' is such a horrible word. If anything we should see fat as a good word as we all need fat in our body to be healthy but what isn't healthy is when your body is 39% fat. It's also not healthy to be 5ft 8 and be over 17 stone. That was me. In this picture above that was exactly what I was and boy did I feel it!!

I have always been heavy. Even when I was 18 years old and a little skinny Minnie I was still 12 stone. I've always had boobs and a bum and been heavier than what people expected as you can see in the picture...and check out the hair and yellow dress?!? What was I thinking?? Being curvy is why I have always had the mind set that if I am happy and healthy then I don't really care what weight I am but 2 months ago I was neither of these things. I felt like my body wasn't my body anymore. I didn't feel comfortable in anything but PJ's that I could hide my ever growing body and seeing pictures of myself made me cringe! So once we came home from our holiday I decided to do something about it. That was the day my life changed!

On the 4th October I went to my first ever Slimming World meeting. I felt sick and was so nervous but I was SO ready to do it! Stepping on the scales at the group the numbers 17 0.5 flashed up in front of me. I had let myself get to 17 stone and half a pound. I was slightly shocked but knew deep down that I was the heaviest I had been in my life. I didn't stew on it though. The lovely people there (my consultant Lisa and another lovely lady called Julie) gave me my slimming world bible and explained the programme to me. It seemed so easy and I was so determined to make it work. That night I came home and got straight to meal planning for the week ahead. Hubby was up for it so we jumped in with both feet and now I don't think we would look back.

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The group is so amazingly supportive and are there for you even when your not at the sessions. My group has an amazing Facebook group that is so non judgemental and always there if you ever need to ask a question. I love the weekly sessions too. I weirdly look forward to going along each week and seeing how I have done. We have also joined a gym and at first I thought I would hate it or I wouldn't find time to fit everything in but do you know what? If you want to do something that bad then you will make time for it. Me and hubby go to the gym at different times and we have worked a schedule out around Bubba that works.

Today, as I sit here typing this I am 15 stone and 12lbs!!!!! That is a massive 1 stone and 2 lb loss in one month and that hasn't been through starving myself I can assure you. In fact, it's quite the opposite. I am able to eat so much on this plan and it's decent food that fills you up and doesn't cost the earth. I'm making better choices when we are out for meals and I really do feel that everything I have been doing is changing my life. I think differently, I see food and don't just think 'OOOOO I want to eat that burger''! I stop and ask myself if I am really hungry...is it really worth all the calories...can I make a better choice. I also feel so much better in myself. My skin is better, I sleep better, my moods are more stable (not sure hubby would agree! hehe!) and I feel pretty damn good about myself right now.

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I am so excited about carrying on with this and I think that is a sign of a good life change :)

This post IS NOT sponsored or endorsed by Slimming world at all (they don't even know who I am or that I am writing this) but I personally am a massive advocate of them and their programme. If you want to find your local slimming world group then you can do so by clicking here! AND....keep an eye out on the blog and on my YouTube Channel (if your not subscribed already then click here to go and visit!) where I will be posting loads more weight loss and transformation related stuffs :)

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