Christmas Gift Ideas for Him!

The clocks have gone back... the days are getting colder... everyone seems to be getting colds and coughs.... that can mean only one thing...it's almost CHRISTMAS!!!! Never one to be a bah humbug I thought I would kick of talking about Christmas early this year (well some say it's early...I say it's about bloody time! 😊) and give you some gift ideas for men in your lives!!

If you Dad/Husband/Brothers are anything like mine then they are the hardest ones to buy for when it comes to Christmas shopping so I have searched high and low to bring you 5 of the best gift ideas for the men in your lives!

1. Novelty slippers!

Now maybe it's just my family but I know that I can get my brothers or dad or husband something novelty and they won't be upset that they haven't got a "proper" Christmas present as such. So much so that a few years ago as part of his Christmas gifts, I brought my eldest brother a book all about
poo...not sure if that says more about him or me but that's by the by. Going along with the novelty theme, I came across a company called Love Bomb Cushions who produce emoji cushions and slippers!! This is right up my street and with prices starting from £9.99 they are also super affordable and won't break the bank. I may or may not have a pair of poo emojis waiting to be gifted to a certain man in our family this festive season...I'm just grateful that my brother doesn't read this blog :)

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2. A Personalised Print.

I am a sucker for anything personalised or personally designed (a theme which you will see throughout my gift guides) as I feel that anything like this makes such a special gift for a loved one. About a month ago I was contacted by lovely guy called George Katralis who asked me if I would like to help him promote his personalised prints and posters. His work was so amazing that I had to take him up on his offer!! George is a London based artist whose work focuses on travel, film and music designs. He can produce custom-based work, with prices starting from £200 for A3 prints just like the one that we were sent here: 

Personalisation with photos and names can be included on a request basis and if you check his website out you can see some other examples of the amazing work he has done. I love this gift so much! It may be at the higher end of some people budgets but what else could you get for the man who doesn't know what he wants?? I'm sure that the special man that I'm giving this print too will love it and also love that it is personally made and designed. Visit www.made-by-george.com for more information on what this amazingly talented man can do. 

3. Clothes. 

This may sound like an odd one for me to put in here but just bear with me okay??
If your husband is anything like mine, he never buys clothes. He will wear his clothes until they are literally falling apart and my hubby even has jumpers in our wardrobe that he has had for longer than we've been married!! Now I'm not saying that clothes can't last for a few years but why not treat your hubby to a super bundle of some new clothes... that you pick! No more going out with holey jumpers or embrassigly clashing outfits. He gets some new clothes and you get to go out and not worry about what's he's wearing. It's a win win!!! :) 
Although, choosing clothes for men can be difficult today. My hubby doesn't really do fashion and feels out of his depth in stuff from the fashionable high street retailers. He's a jeans and tee kinda man. I recently came across the Chums website that is full of perfect items for men like my hubby. Simple, quality items that don't have the extortionate price tag you find in some retailers today. With jeans and jumpers from £20 Chums has something for all ages! Make sure you check out their website here! 

4. Personalised Mug.

If you want to get something personalised for your Dad/hubby and don't want to spend a lot them something like a mug is always a fail safe! My poor dad and hubby have got more personalised mugs than normal mugs I think as I find it's always a lovely present to send from bubba. I tend to shop around when it comes to personalised mugs and this year I found Mr Nut Case and the name instantly drew me to them. Their prices are so reasonable and they do a lovely range of products. Their system is really easy to use as well (which is a massive selling point for me when it comes to these types of things!) and I've order a mug and a phone case to give to some lucky men but I only ordered it this week so it hasn't come through yet (disorganised blogger right here!!) but I am so excited about seeing them!! Their products also come with some fantastic extras such as a 1 year warranty and 30 day money back guarantee! Make sure you take a look at what they have to offer by visiting their website here! 
Photo from the Mr Nut case website

5. Aftershave. 

This is the classic go to Christmas gift for me and I tend to buy at least one bottle for someone each year. Aftershave is so much cheaper if you purchase over the internet but I find it really difficult to choose what to go for until I've given them a good smell. My advice for purchasing aftershave would be to pop into your local department store and have a smell of some different ones. It's so important that you think less about what smell you like and more about what smell reminds you of the person your buying for, that way you should get something similar to what they wear at the moment so in theory they should like it. Once you've found the one you can then go on line and purchase it for a better price. You do have to be careful purchasing fragrance online as there has been cases of the fragrances being fake! I've always brought from Fragrance direct and never had any issues so I would recommend them :) 

So there it is... my first gift guide of 2016 and my gift ideas for the men in your lives. Oooooohhh I feel like grabbing a mince pie and listening to some Christmas tunes!! It is officially Christmas on My Mummy Spam and I really hope these ideas will help you when it comes to buying for the ever difficult men.

Thanks for reading and keep an eye out for my gift ideas for her that will be coming out soon! 

Note: some items included in this guide are collaborative BUT all opinions expressed are still 100% honest and my own.

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