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Hubby and I have been together for 7 years this year and sometimes I think we forget each other. Not the kind of forgetting each other where you go ''who are you??' but when you just forget the other persons feelings a little bit. Let me explain as this even sounds a bit like drivle to me and I'm the one writing it!

When we first started living together back in 2010 we did whatever we wanted, when ever we wanted and only ever had to think about what we wanted. We went out to pubs with friends, had romantic dinners, breakfast in bed. Even down to the littler things like walking down a road talking to each other and holding hands...it was bliss. Now if we are walking together one of us is normally pushing a buggy whilst the other is holding onto O's hand and we are so busy talking to him or watching what he's doing that we forget to talk to each other.

We lead busy lives. Hubby and I both work, we go to the gym, have friends that we see, I go to my am dram and fat fighters and sometimes I think we forget to give each other a little bit of time. And NO I don't mean Marvin Gaye time...I mean just a bit of time to talk to each other and listen without any interruptions. It has become so easy to just see each other as Mummy & Daddy rather than as Ami & John or Husband and Wife and I can honestly see how so many couple end up separating or growing apart once they have children as you life shifts focus so much and it is so easy to neglect each other.

This week we went to London for the day. We dropped Bubs off at 11am and we go home at just gone midnight. For those 13 hours we were Ami & John again and it was so good for my soul!! We spent our time holding hands, putting our arms around one another, talking about films, the news, food...anything we wanted. We didn't have to worry about a little toddler running off or when O was going to have his nap or if we had packed enough nappies. Don't get me wrong, we both missed Bubba HUGLEY and a couple of times we both mentioned how much we missed him and wanted
him with us but on the whole it was a wonderful day filled with smiles, laughter and some decent conversation. The time we spent together was just perfect and really needed.

Spending that precious time together made me realise how much I miss Hubby at times. Even when he's in the same house as me we can sometimes be so busy that we don't talk properly and I am going to try my hardest to stop that. Even if it's just a 10 minute cuddle with a little chat about how our days were...that will be enough for me :) well until the next date day anyway!

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