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The blogging world is filled with so much pressure and so much competition that sometime it is too difficult to keep up. It is a world filled with some wonderful people who are so very talented but it is also one that is becoming more and more saturated. I can't speak for other bloggers here but I know that for me, the immense pressure that I put on myself sometimes is too much and sometimes I need to take a step away to re-evaluate why I do this.
I am constantly aware of my blog. Have I posted enough times this week? Am I writing content that is relevant and interesting? Have I written something that is different and people will want to read? Have I posted on Instagram enough recently? What is my Facebook page doing? Have I joined any linkies? Have I gone and commented on my favourite blogs? NO....no I haven't because sometimes I just don't have anything to say and I need to stop all this pressure I'm putting on myself and know that it is okay!
Recently my life has been a bit busy. Nothing major but I have been going to the gym more often, my day job has needed more focus and we have had some busy weekends doing family things therefore I haven't found the time to write like I usually do. I'm not one of these super bloggers who has posts scheduled until next year and beyond... if we are being honest my blogging time seems to be stolen moments during the day or in the evening when I have some inspiration and drive. Recently I haven't made the time or had the inspiration and I don't want to just write for the sheer hell of writing so I haven't written. It always feels that at the moment there is always something else that needs to be done other than blogging.
Take this morning for example; it's currently 6.45. Bubs woke us up at the ungodly hour of 5.30 and we all snoozed together until about 6. I then got up, got washed and brushed my teeth, folded the laundry, put some more washing in, made tea, emptied the dishwasher and was inspired to write this post. Right now I should be straightening my hair and putting on some slap so I look half decent for work but I can do that in 15 mins right?!?!? .....
Life gets busy sometimes and it ticks along quite happily. During times like this, I find it difficult to find the time and the inspiration to write and so what if I don't? Will my DA effected? Probably. Will my TOTs and rise and all those other charts that we bloggers care about be effected? Yes, probably. Do I mind? At this moment in time, no! Why write a half hearted post just so I have something to say? No thanks! (Although ask me next month when all the scores come out and I may feel differently!!)  :)
I'm sure I'll be back in a couple of days with sometime intresting to say but for now, in the words of the ledgend that is Rowan Keating..
"You say it best...when you say nothing at all"

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