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Well well well... 2016 you speedy little thing! Where on earth have you gone? It is so strange as in one breath I feel like I have blinked and it is New Years Eve and then in another it feels like a life time ago. 2016 has been a year of relative calm for us with some wonderful moments that made memories for a life time for me. It did have a couple of difficult moments mainly work related for both Hubby and I but nothing that we couldn't work through. The year was mostly full of happiness which was a welcome relief after 2015!

I've been trying to think about the best way to write my round up post of 2016 and in the end decided that I'd think about it in chronological order and go through the year.
February was the first month that something big happened and that was when I went back into Panto land and performed in Aladdin for the week. It was my first time back after having bubba so I was so nervous but had the most wonderful time and felt right back at home with my Merlin family. After the madness of February it was then my birthday in March and I was spoilt by hubby and taken to London to see Phantom of the Opera which has been a dream of mine for a long time. The first few months of the year were wonderful and I knew they were only going to get better as the year went on.


During the spring months we were lucky enough to be invited to quite a few blog related things including a trip to Warner Brothers Studios to watch a film, a chance for me to bake with Ian Cummings from the Great British Bake off and a lovely spa event with HP. The biggest and most memorable thing that happened for me in the spring months though was Brit Mums Live. It was my first ever blogging conference and also my first time away from pickle in his short little life and I couldn't have wished for anymore from my time in London. I got to meet all of the wonderful bloggers I had been speaking to for a year, attending sessions to help me understand more about the technical side of blogging and got to network and meet a whole bunch of amazing brands. It was pretty amaze balls!

In the Summer it was all about days out in the sunshine and our bathroom. Sounds like a strange mix right? Hubby started his major renovations on our bathroom in July time and it meant that me and pickle needed to be out the house quite a bit. It was lovely though as we also had a pretty hot summer so it meant that trips to the beach and to the zoo were a huge YES. I loved summer this year which is surprising as I am normally a winter person but summer this year was wonderful and filled with so many happy moments.

Then it was onto what I think was my favourite part of the year...the last part. September was without a doubt my favourite month of the entire year. Not only did we celebrate bubba's second birthday but we also went on our first family holiday to Disneyland Paris which was truly magical. The 5 days we spent in Disney was the best 5 days of the year and they were filled with so much laughter, happiness and joy. I wouldn't change a thing about our holiday and it was a perfect way to celebrate bubbas birthday and mine and hubbys 4th wedding anniversary.

2016 was such a memorable and calm year. I am not anticipating 2017 to be as calm but I hope that it will be filled with as many happy, memorable moments.

What was your favourite part of 2017? Let me know in the comments.

All that's left for me to do now is to wish you a very happy new year and thank you for reading and supporting my little blog. I have big plans for My Mummy Spam in 2017 so watch this space :)

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