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We are now in that confused few days in between Christmas and New Years when no one really knows what day it is or has any motivation to do anything except online shop or lay on the sofa and eat all the leftover Christmas chocolate and pringles. I'm at the sofa stage so thought what better time is there for me to tell you all about our Christmas.

Let's start with the lead up (which if I'm being honest was pretty horrid!!). December was a month of illness for us. If it wasn't bubba with an ear infection or a cold, it was me with tonsillitis and the flu and if it wasn't me it was hubby who got the flu and sinusitis at different points in December. It totally sucked and meant that all of the exciting things we wanted to do went out the window and even all the Christmas prep didn't get done until a couple of days before which is so unlike me as I like to be organised weeks before hand. Frankly, December was rubbish and I wasn't feeling festive at all by the time Christmas Eve rolled around and was expecting a bit of a pants Christmas but I was pleasantly surprised!

Christmas Eve was lovely. We spent the morning just the three of us. Hubby and bubs went out for a walk to the park whilst I cleaned all the floors (something I actually really enjoy doing!) and then in the afternoon we went to a family gathering which was lovely. Bubba really wanted to be one of the bigger boys and spent majority of his time playing with his second cousin (I think that's what he is anyway) whilst hubby and I enjoyed a couple of drinks and a catch up with family. Then it was off home and into our Christmas pjs! Bubba went to sleep with no issues as he doesn't really understand the whole Santa thing yet and that then left me and hubby to have our annual picky tea of party food whilst watching Christmas movies :) it was lush! Once we were stuffed to the brim with chicken poppers and mini pizzas (did I meantion that I wasn't doing slimming world over Christmas!!) it was time for us to head to bed and wait to see if the big man was going to visit us.

Christmas morning was so relaxed and chilled. Bubba came into us at about 7.15 and got into our bed and asked for the iPad like he does every morning but instead of the iPad we gave him his stocking and the fun really began!! I honestly though that he was going to open a present and then want to play with it straight away but boy was I wrong! He went through his stocking in about 10 mins. After he had opened one gift he would then say "another one?" And ask for another out of the stocking. Once they were all open he then played with them. Hubby and I did our stockings and then it was downstairs to see if Santa had left anything down there... :)

Of course there was a mountain of presents downstairs and pickle was in his element. He was so excited to open his gifts and also really liked giving out the other presents under the tree to me and hubby. I really thought that we were still going to be opening presents on Boxing Day but by 8.30 all the presents were opened and hubby was plunged into sticker and building hell whilst I sorted some breakfast and put the turkey in. A couple of hours later hubby's family popped in with even more gifts for pickle! To say he was excited would be an understatement. We all exchanged gifts and pickle was lucky enough to get a Paw Patrol Air patroller which he was very excited about. All of hubby's family left and then it was time for the Christmas dinner prep to start!

We actually couldn't eat all of our Christmas dinner...I think where we have been on slimming world that our bellys have shrunk so we couldn't eat as much but we still ate our fill and felt pretty stuffed
afterwards. We timed it really well because about 45 mins after dinner bubba was exhausted so went for his nap which meant that me and hubby could soon on the sofa and have a nap too!! Winning!!!! And that was pretty much how we spent the rest of our Christmas Day. Either all snuggled on the sofa or playing with the masses of toys bubba got or eating :) it was lovely and a really perfect Christmas Day.

Boxing Day was very different but just as enjoyable as we had my family round for the day. They came over buckling under the weight of all the presents they had brought bubba and he loved the paw patrol track and rail thing they got him. We all squeezed into our little kitchen and stuffed ourselves full of cold meat, bubble and swueek and pickles, plays silly games like pie face and speak up and just generally had a wonderful time. My nan also came down and spent Christmas with my family too which I loved as I couldn't think of anything worse than her being on her own for Christmas. Even she said that she was pleased she had come down so I was really happy.

The festive period was honestly wonderful and probably one of the best ones I have had to the point where I almost feel a bit of post xmas blues! It wasn't the presents or the gifts that made it (although they were wonderful and I was really spoilt by hubby and my family) but it was the presence that I loved so much. Just being in the moment and really taking everything in and enjoying every moment rather than taking the perfect photo or vlogging or stressing out about things. It was just perfect and if I could do it all over again next week I would... I guess I will just have to wait until next year :)

I hope you and yours had a wonderful Christmas too!

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