How have I lived without one? | Vileda Windomatic Review

I love doing housework. Call me weird but I really do. There is nothing better than getting your house all clean and spick and span. To me a tidy house is a tidy mind and I am always on the hunt for things that make housework that little bit easier or more efficient. Enter the Vileda Windomatic!!!!

Cleaning my windows is one thing that I am not good at. I remember a while ago my Mother in Law caught me cleaning my windows with some glass spray and kitchen roll and she nearly had a heart attack. Since then I have moved across to the less abrasive microfiber clothes but my windows and doors never come out as streak free as I would like. The Vileda Windomatic has finally given me the sparkling clean streak free windows that I am been striving for and it's all down to it's amazing design.

This cordless window vacuum is the perfect quick and easy way to get streak free windows once you have given them a wash. When I tried it out I just washed my windows with some window spray and a sponge (fingers crossed my mother in law isn't reading this) and actually got them pretty wet and gave them a deep clean as I wanted to really test the Vileda. With a simple click of a button the window vac whirred into life and all I needed to do was push the wide wiper blade against the window and the powerful suction sucked all of the water and dirt up off the window without any drops or need to polish the window afterwards!


The Vileda Windomatic also has an adjustable, flexible head which allows you to clean from any angle and achieve a totally sparkling finish. It has a mains rechargeable battery and a huge water tank to hold the water and dirt that gets sucked off the window. The best thing about this window vac, in my opinion, is how versatile it is. This little beauty doesn't only clean windows but it can also suck up spills and condensation which is a huge plus as we have quite an issue with condensation at this time of year. It's so much easier than having to get out the old fashion squeegee and a towel each morning to do the windows.

Overall, I think for £49.99 RRP (altogether you may be able to find it on offer if you look about) this is definitely worth the money especially seeing as you can do so much with it! It has revolutionised the way I clean my windows and actually prompted me to clean them more often as it's so easy to do. To get your own Vileda Windowmatic and to see their full range you can check out their website here.

Note - this product was sent to us for the purpose of this review but all opinions are honest and my own.

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