Notice I haven't been on the blog much recently?? I've been on social media and have been producing loads of content over on my YouTube channel (if you haven't subbed already then click here to check it out!) but my poor little blog has had tumble weeds blowing through it for the last 8 days! That's way too long and the only excuse I have is that I just cannot multi task.

I am currently pushing myself to complete the 12 days of Vlogmas over on my YouTube channel which means I post 12 videos in the lead up to Christmas. This is a HUGE thing for someone that usually posts twice a month and I feel like every spare second I have at the minute is spent either editing, filming or fighting with YouTube to get my bloody videos to upload!!!!

Well...that's not strictly true. I do also spend sometime at the gym and doing kinda important things like looking after the house, working and raising a small human but something had to give recently and unfortunately it was my little blog. I feel like I did when I was young. You see, when I was young I had fish. I knew they needed to be fed and cleaned but at one point life got really busy with
stuff going on and every time I saw the fish I kept thinking ''I NEED to clean them out'' but then got distracted doing something else until the tank started to go really scummy and I just had to stop everything else and clean those poor fish out.

I'm not calling my blog a scummy tank (a comparison I never thought I would make!!) but I am saying that everytime I got on the laptop I thought 'I NEED to blog'' but then got side tracked with a million other things. I just can't multi task very well.

But...it's okay. You can wipe those tears (haha yeah right!) as I am back and I am blogging. I have a couple of really great reviews coming up and also a couple of posts that I have been dying to write all about 2016 and Christmas. So keep your eyes out as I have sorted out my shizz and I am back to clen the tank :)

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