10 things you say when you have a toddler | Blog

Being a Mummy to a rambunctious 2 year old has it's perks. I get to watch Disney junior, play with lego, do colouring and arts and crafts...all without feeling bad because I have a toddler and I am entertaining him. It also comes with all the lovely cuddles and kisses from a little person who is just starting to learn how to express love and emotion. It is truly a wonderful time in Bubba's little life and I am loving it.

Bubba is constantly exploring and pushing boundaries be that emotionally, verbally or physically. It's completely normal that he is doing this but it does provide me with some interesting thoughts during the day. I find myself thinking and saying things the I never thought in a million years I would have running through my head or coming out of my mouth and I wanted to share to make me feel less like a freak more normal and to reassure anyone who is having the same crazy thoughts throughout the day.

1. Before I give this to my child can he swallow it, stick it up his nose or in his ear? Nope? Okay, he can have it.

2. Does my son have some sort of little bed troll who sits there of a night time and files his finger nails and toe nails into point to make them super god damn sharp!?!?!

3. FINE! spend the rest of the day in your vest, a t-shirt covered in wootsit stains and one sock. See if I care! (I secretly do care and the sock and wootsit thing is killing me!!!!!)

4. ''No!!! Don't put Marshall down the toilet.''

5. ''Don't put Zumer down the toilet.''

6. I wonder if I can clean Marshall and Zumer with bleach or will the paint come off?

7. He can't fit a nesquix up his nose... Okay, I'm wrong...he can fit a nesquix up his nose... SHIT!!

8. How on earth can my son eat rasines and then 4 hours later poop them out fully formed?!?

9. ''Can you stop licking my leg please!?!?!'' (whilst the toddler stands there and makes me look like I've peed myself)

10. ''Can you stop pulling 'that'! It doesn't come off and your going to hurt yourself soon! ''

Any of these ring any bells with you? If so then I feel ya Mumma :)


Where has my voice gone?? | Blog

Recently I have lost my voice. I don't mean my actual voice.. god no! I was still able to sing a bit of Agadoo at a birthday party recently so my vocal voice is fine. What I'm talking about is my "voice". The one which I speak to you with on this blog. I seem to have lost it and am struggling to find it again! 
My little blog has always been something of an outlet for me to write about whatever I want. From talking about loosing loved ones to breastfeeding, My Mummy Spam has been my space for me to let my "voice" run free and say all it wants to say. Recently that voice seems to have become mute and I seem to have nothing to say so therefore nothing to write and I have hated it. 

quite, speaking, not speaking, hand over mouth, shut up, shush, not talking, mute, no voice


Pregnancy and Incontinence | Collaboration

Let's not beat around the bush here...pregnancy messes about with your body in ways that no one every really prepares you for. When I was pregnant with bubba I expected the sickness and tiredness but no one told me about all the other stuff...ESPECIALLY the fact that I may well find myself dealing with incontinence.

Incontinence is really not something to be embarrassed about...it happens to so many people! Hartmann direct recently sent me over some facts and figures and I was so shocked by some of the that I just had to share! According to recent research, women aged between 20 to 45 are particularly likely to suffer with an overactive bladder and it' not clear how many people are effected but it's estimated between 3 & 6 million people in the UK may have some degree of urinary incontinence! That's a huge amount so if you have suffered before then you are definitely not on your own!


Worry about YOUR womb...NOT MINE!!! | Blog

Bubba turned 2 a couple of months ago and ever since then there seem to be one question that I am being asked on an almost daily basis..
''When is the next one?'

Well...do you know what? I don't want another baby!

Well, at least I don't think that I want another... I know that I defiantly don't want one at the moment. Does that make me a bad person? Should I feel bad for feeling like this?


2017!! | Blog

'New year...same me!'

That's going to be my motto. None of this New Year, New Me shizz...I actually made quite a few changes to my life and my mind set at the end of 2016 and instead of setting new years resolutions I just want to add a couple of additional goals into my plan and carry on the good steps that I took in 2016.

In October 2016 I joined Slimming World and I fully intend to continue with this in 2017. I have already lost over a stone and a half and I am determined to get to my goal weight before we go on holiday in June. I know I can do it!