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Tips For Keeping The Home Clean And Tidy For Nursing Mothers

Taking care of a newborn and keeping the house tidy can be very challenging.  
You don’t have to be discouraged or get downcast; every nursing mother goes through this stressful and chaotic stage. It will pass away before you know it.
These tips would make it easier for you to properly share your time between household chores and looking after your baby.
Bear these in mind:
1. Infancy stage is very significant in your child’s life
Your child’s newborn stage is a very critical part of his or her life. Although it is nice to keep the house nice and tidy, you should never do that at the expense of your child’s needs.
2. The newborn and toddlers’ phase is transient
The good news is that this stage in your child’s life is not going to last forever. Your newborn would be in this phase only for a short while. Learn to bear and cope. Treasure this transient period with your baby and don’t be offended if your baby constantly glues up to your breast.
3. Your newborn is your priority
Your newborn requires your attention. You’ll be her source of food and comfort.The need of your infant or toddler should be your first priority. Household shores must be placed where it belongs. The fact is that with a suckling baby in yourhands, you can delegate some works to other members of your family while you concentrate on the most basic which is to ensure that your baby is comfortable and satisfied.
4. You need rest as much as your child
Also, consider your health. Create enough time for rest. You need to be strong and healthy to be able to look after your baby and the house. You may want to take a nap as soon as your baby sleeps to get refreshed. Your baby, your health and lastly the chores should really be the order of your priorities.
Having discussed these very significant facts about newborn and toddler parentingnow let us discuss the tips:

Don’t schedule too much for a day and keep your expectation down 
Sincerely, do only what you can comfortably achieve in a day. You can schedule to cook every other day or substitute processed food for homemade one when you can’t really meet up.
Do major chores during your baby’s long nap periods
Try to figure out when your baby’s longest sleeping hour falls and do major chores during those periods. Use your baby’s long nap periods to take care of major chores and when your baby is awake, break up the remaining chores into tiny bits.
Tidy up bit by bit
Be patient and do put organize too much into you daily schedule. You can do washing today and change bed sheets tomorrow. You can put clothes into the washing machine; attend to your baby and, next, watch ditches. You may organize different chores for just ten to fifteen minutesPatience and perseverance is the key. 
Get help from other family members
Let other family members help you with some chores while you concentrate on your baby’s needs. Your breastfeeding child needs you most. No one can help you breastfeed your baby except you have to extract some breast with breast pump but family members can help you with other chores.
Try a breastfeeding-friendly baby carrier
This form of baby carrier can help you to breastfeed your baby without having to hold her or while partially holding her. With this, you can breastfeed your baby while attending to few chores like sweeping, dish washing and taking care of older kids.
Redefine what tidiness means for you
Before welcoming newborn into the family, everything in your house has their proper place. With a newborn or toddler around things are going to be adjusted a little bit, although, they may no longer correspond to the previous house arrangement. 
Few things need to be incorporated into the home like toy baskets, baby coat hangers, diaper pail and so on.  Sometimes too when the kids are playing toys can be found here and there. This implies that your house cannot be visitor ready all the time. Just let them play. It is normal, even if you think they are disrupting the order of things in the house.
Use Diaper pail for handy disposal of soiled diapers
Although, you can make use of a standard dust bin for discarding used baby diapers; they can make your home very smelly. What you can do, is to either use diapers pail or immediately discard used diapers into the big bin outside. 
This, of course, we know, cannot always be feasible. Diaper pails are structured to lock in repugnant odor from mucky diapers. Never mind the cost; you can convert it to a regular trash bin when your child passes the diaper stage. Diaper pails come in a wide variety of forms, colors and designs. So, you have more flexibility whilechoosing one for your newborn. They don’t only make nappy disposal swift and fast; they are also handy and very convenient.

Support your child’s development
You may get upset when your child starts to crawl and throw things here and there. That shouldn’t be the attitude. Those are signs of normal growth of your child. You’d be overly worried if he didn’t get there.  What you rather need to do is safe-proof the house to ensure that your little one is always safe
It may be overly stressful to keep arranging things as your kids scatter but those are challenges of motherhood. Allow them to be free and only arrange when you have to; given the time available to you and bearing in mind your order of priority.
I really hope that these tips will help you to get over this chaotic and stressful early stage of your child’s development. 
Try as much as you can to be a perfect mother but do not forget, “Rome was not built in a day.” Motherhood is like a training program, you learn day by day even as your child grows and learns. 

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