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Hubby has always been pretty handy when it comes to DIY and stuff that needs doing in the house. He used to be a plasterer and builder before he starting doing security work so knows what he is doing most of the time. But since we had pickle his priorities have changed and he would now rather spend an afternoon playing with pickle than doing DIY which I can totally understand but it has left us in a bit of a predicament when it comes to finding a trustworthy, reliable tradesman if we have any jobs that need doing. That is where Bidvine comes in!!

Bidvines mission is to make hiring local, trusted service professionals ridiculous easy. It's as simple as that! From finding the perfect person to plan your wedding to getting a professional out urgently to fix a smashed window...the list of services on offer is endless and the website is so easy to use.

First you tell them what you need by answering a few service-specific questions so that they can match your needs to the right pro for the job. Next you get given bids and compare the pros to find the one who is right for you. These may take a day or so to come through but by doing this it means that you can compare the prices offered and compare each of the service providers by looking at their reviews on the Bidvine site. Finally, you hire your chosen person and then Bobs your uncle and your job is done. It is that simple!!

When I used the site there were a few things that really stood out to me and made this such a fantastic service. The first thing was that the website was super easy to use. It is laid out in such a simple format and doesn't feel messy or difficult which was great. The range of services is another element of Bidvine that I love. They literally have everything you could ever need someone for! Dog walking, cleaning, plumbing, salsa lessons...it goes on and on! The best thing about Bidvine for me though is the concept itself. It's such a simple thing that I can't believe it hasn't been thought of before now but that is probably a good thing as Bidvine have executed it so well and really done the concept justice!

So...if you are in need of anyone to do anything you don't have to ask Google and search through pages and pages of stuff now, you can just go straight to Bidvine and find the right person for your job.

Note - this is a collaborative post.

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