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The other week we were struck down with the nastiest bug I think we have ever had the displeasure of getting. It started with Bubba throwing up on Wednesday and I thought to myself ''Oh maybe it's just a 24 hour bug and he will be alright tomorrow''. Boy I was wrong and to make it worse, the bug swept through the whole of the house taking no prisoners as it went. I started throwing up a couple of days later and then hubby caught it. Then, just when I thought Bubba was getting better the diarrhoea started!! I won't be too graphic but all I will say is that we were going through about 5 nappies every hour for pickle, I could barely get off the loo myself and the term 'thunder belly' became a well known phrase in our house!! It was a pretty horrific few days and it got me thinking about how I coped with being ill and looking after a poorly pickle at the same time. It sure as sunshine wasn't easy but I have come up with some top tips to help if you are every in that rubbish situation.

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1. Get stocked up
At the first sign of a bug I would make sure you have got some essentials in the house. The cleaning supplies that I would say are a MUST are Dettol aerosol spray (I was literally spraying everything that we had touched or breathed on including the sofa and all mattresses! The stuff is amazing!), anti bacterial wipes, loo roll and some kind of carpet or upholstery cleaner. I would also suggest you get stocked up on washing powder and nappies (pickle went through a whole pack of nappies in the 3 days he was poorly) and then some easy on the tummy food. Plain biscuits, pasta, white bread and lemonade. Flat lemonade is the dogs doodahs when your feeling a bit poorly in my opinion.
2. Accept help
If anyone offers to help you by picking things up from the shops or doing some washing then take it. Don't be proud and try to do everything yourself as if you get anything like I had then you will be so wiped that even walking top the bathroom will be a chore.
3. Don't be house proud
Dishwasher not been emptied in 2 days? Toys on the floor? Bed not made? DON'T PANIC. It can all wait. I find this the hardest when I am ill as mess makes me feel stressed and unable to relax but for those few days we were ill I just had to let it go (anyone else singing that as they read it!!) and remember that it can all wait until we are better.

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4. Take the easy way out.
If your feeling rubbish the last thing you need to be doing is fighting with your toddler because they won't get dressed or trying to reason with them that play dough is probably not the best thing to be playing with as its so messy so on this occasion just let them get on with it. I pretty much just let Bubba had free regain whilst I died on the sofa which was a bit of a pain when we all felt better as some boundaries had to come back into place but at the time I just let him get out as many toys as he wanted and dealt with the mess after.
5. Don't beat yourself up
This was the one thing I really struggled with when I was ill. Poor pickle had already spent 3 days cooped up inside when he was poorly and then I got the bug so we were house bound for another 2 days after that. I felt so awful that he had been stuck in the house for 5 days but had to keep reminding myself that there was nothing that could be done and that it was 5 days out of his whole life which is nothing in the grand scheme of things. He was perfectly happy playing with al of his toys and watching telly and the iPad but I really had to fight off that Mum guilt.
So there you have it. My 5 tips for surviving when you get sick. It is really sucky and at times you will just want to give up and sleep but just remember that it will pass and soon normality will resume and you can get your house and life straight again :)

Have you got any top tips for coping when your ill? I'd love to hear about them in the comments :)

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