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It feel like so long ago that I actually wrote about me and my life! I have had quite a few reviews and list types posts and it seems like I haven't really shared much of my life with you through out March...I'm not sure why as March has been pretty lovely. So grab a cup of tea (or coffee in my case) and lets catch up!

The biggest bit of news that I have for this month is that our family is going to be growing by one in just 5 days time!!! NO I am not having a baby...well she is a baby as such but she is more fluffy than a conventional new born and not forgetting the facts that she has four legs. We are getting a puppy!!!! Maisie is coming home this Saturday and I am so excited / nervous! I know it is going to be like having a new born again and that it is not going to be easy but I am so excited as pickle loves her and
I know he will love having a dog of his own. She is a black and white cockerpoo and will be 10 weeks of when she comes home. I am actually thinking of vlogging the first few weeks she is with us and keeping a puppy diary on YouTube to help others who are thinking about getting a puppy. I want to show the good, the bad and the ugly so keep an eye out for that :)

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Also in March, it was my birthday. I had a wonderful birthday and was so spoilt by my lovely hubby and my family and friends. The weekend of my birthday was filled with lots of cake, prosecco and laughter and I couldn't have asked for much more than that! If you fancy checking out all the amazing goodies I got for my birthday then you can see my birthday haul video here!

Pickle has been such a joy recently. He seems to have started speaking so much more of late and becoming more and more like a little boy than a toddler. He has started singing in the car to songs and he is currently obsessed with Ed Sheerans 'Shape of You' that he calls ''Ooo Waa OooWaa''. He asked for it every time we get in the car and I can promise you that there is nothing cuter than listening to him sing along. I will get it on video one day. He still has his moment where he tries to push limits and has tantrums but overall he has been a little bundle of wonderment the past few weeks.

If I am being honest, I have really just been basking in life the past month. I have been loving spending time with hubby and pickle getting out the house now that the sun is starting to shine and I have really been soaking up those moments without the pressure of taking Instagram pictures or vlogging. It feels like it's been good for my soul (God I'm dramatic) and I am feeling so happy and contented at the moment.

So...how has your March been? Any news or little wins in your life? I'd love to know so make sure you leave me a comment :)

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