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I want to start this post by saying that I do not believe that women need to hide their Mum tums if they are going to the beach. I wish I was confident enough to wear a bikini but at this moment in time the fact is that I am not and I am 100 x more comfortable in something that hides my mummy tummy. So if your looking for a blog post featuring an amazing swimming cossie that makes me feel a million dollars then keep reading....If your looking for a blog post where I shout about how amazing I feel in a bikini and how proud I am of showing off my mum tum then click off now :)

Before I had pickle I could pretty happily wear whatever I wanted when we went on holiday. I would wear bikinis, beach dresses, shorts...you name it, I wore it. I was confident in my body and happy with what I looked like. Fast forward a couple of years and I am now at the stage where even though I am starting to loose weight, I am still very conscious what I look like and am careful about what I wear. Having a very active 2 year old means that when we go on holiday in June my main concern is going to be feeling comfortable so that I can run around and play with him. I don't want to be worrying about my flabby bits hanging out and me feeling self
conscious. So, when Simply Be asked me if I wanted to check out a couple of items from their swimwear and beachwear range I was interested but also really worried that I wouldn't find anything that I would feel comfortable in. Boy was I wrong!!

I ordered 2 items from the Simply Be website and I could not be happier with them! The first thing that caught my eye as I was scanning their swimming costume range was actually a beautiful Kaftan. Kaftans can hide a multitude of sins and I have always loved them as they are perfect for making you feel super confident. This particular Kaftan is just beautiful. It has some stunning indicate beading across the top and I love the way the shape of it too. When laid out the kaftan is almost a full rectangle which makes it super easy to fold and pack for the beach. I cannot wait to take this on our holiday and I am sure it will be a beach staple!

The next item that I was sent is something that is a thing of wonder! The Magisculpt Ultimate Swimsuit. If you are worried about having a mummy tummy or not feeling confident on the beach or even around the pool then you NEED this swimming costume in your life. I am not going to lie...when I first saw it I was a little nervous as it's not the kind of style that I would wear and I was dubious as to it this suit would actually do all it promised. This swimsuit is described a firm control swimsuit with a medium leg, silicone tap to the front, removable straps and fixed foam cups, ensuring a beach confident boost. I can categorically say that this swimsuit is true to form. The way that this suit gives the illusion of tankini but the support of a full swim suit. The draped effect on the top across your belly hides every lump and bump. I honestly feel amazing in this swimming costume and have already worn it at my gyms swimming pool numerous times. I LOVE IT!

So if your looking for some amazing buys for your summer holiday I would seriously recommend checking out Simply Be as their range is incredible. I could pretty happily kit myself out for 2 weeks at the beach with no issues what so ever so make sure you check them out before your hit the beach this summer.

 Note: We were sent this items for the purpose of this review but all opinions are honest and my own

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