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I've had a week of excess. Cake, pizza, cocktails, Chinese, prosecco, white bread, packet sauces, chocolate....not only have I been eating horrendously but I've also not been to the gym as much as I've been too busy celebrating my birthday. In basic terms, I have fallen off the wagon hard and boy don't I know it!

A couple of weeks ago I stepped on the scales and I was 15 stone. This was 2 stone lighter than when I started my weight loss journey in October last year. I was eaten really well, was going to the gym and getting fitter than ever and I was so happy. I had more energy and felt more confident in myself
than I had been in a very long time. I was so happy with my progress rhay hubby and I even signed up to do a half marathon in July!! Something which I would have never dreamed of doing before. But now, here I am, almost a week after my birthday and I've shot up to 15 stone 6 lbs!!!!!

It's not just the weight that I've felt. I feel lethargic, stodgy and generally yuk in myself! It's horrible but I'm actually glad I feel like it as strange as that seems. That feeling is giving me the kick to get back on that wagon and boss it again! No more crappy foods...I'm going back hard to the gym like I was before... I know I can do it but I just need to get through the first week or so of pain that you get and then it will become like normal again. 

To help me get my focus back I've deceied to take inspiration from one of my lovely friends who is absolutely smashing her weight loss at the moment. Chantal from Milk and Nappies is doing so well and to help her in her journey she has set up a separate weight loss Instagram (happyandhealthychantal). I thought I would give it a go and set one my myself to see if it will boost me along when I'm feeling a little demotivated. Also, it means I won't be filling my blog Instagram with weight loss stuff and I can keep that for mummy stuff.

So, come and follow me at @flabbymum_to_fitmum over on Instagram to follow my journey back onto the wagon and to the half marathon!!! :) 

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  1. Unfortunately it is so common, especially when you follow a "diet" instead of a lifestyle