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Do you ever feel like thing are too good to be true?
I love my life. Right now my life is pretty perfect. I have a wonderful husband who treats me like a princess and loves and cares for me more than I could ever ask. I have a healthy, happy, cheeky little boy who makes me happier than anything in the world. We live in a lovely little house, have our own cars, both have jobs that we are finally happy in and we now have our little puppy too. We go to the gym, have wonderful friends and the best bunch of family that anyone could ask for. Sounds perfect right? Then why do I feel like I am just waiting for the fall?


Clothing Labels...what on earth do they mean?!? | Blog

Let's be honest for a moment here...hands up if you read the labels on clothes before you wash them?? Yep...me neither and it has bitten me on the bum or more than one occasion. Most recently I had a pair of black leggings that I washed and when them came out the tumble drier they were a weird black/brown colour and then I also managed to shrink one of hubby's jumpers so good that it could have fitted Pickle!! Want to know why I don't look at labels and just chuck the washing in and hope for the best? Well, it's because I have no clue what I am looking at when I look at the labels! I know the obvious ones like the tumble drier with the cross through it (that's don't tumble dry if you didn't know!) but the rest of them...I do not have scooby!! That is why when came across this survey and super helpful info sheet from Data label I knew I HAD to share it.


Is blogging dying?? | Blog

We live in a world where everyone wants to know everything as quick as they possibly can. Let me take you back to 2000, only 17 short years ago...if you wanted to know what the weather was going to be like tomorrow you would have to read a newspaper or wait for the news to come on so you could see the weather report at the end. If you wanted to know the answers to those burning questions such as how long does it take to boil an egg or what the capital of India is then you would have to look in a book. Information wasn't at our finger tips as it is now and I feel that it has turned us into such an impatient generation. People don't like to read anymore. They want info and entertainment in the quickest form so that they can get on with their day. News apps are more popular than newspapers these days. The apps only give you the basic facts of the news stories. No journalism is really needed as people just want the info NOW. This is why I think blogging is dying.

I could spend hours writing. I sometimes write a blog pot and think to myself ''Bloody hell...that's a lot of words'' and funnily enough, even though those posts are probably my best written, most heart


Becoming a mother made me! | Blog

Before I had pickle I had always thought that I would struggle to get pregnant. I don't know why. Nothing has every happened to make me think that it would be an issue but a little voice in the back of my mind always told me that I shouldn't get my hopes up about being a Mum. As I grew up I always said I wanted children but wasn't too fussed. I wasn't one of these people that everyone knew wanted to have kids...I was a bit of a take it or leave it type of person. But..that was just a front. Deep down in my heart I had always wanted to be a Mum. For me, it wasn't about having loads of children or a certain gender, it was just about being a Mum and when I had pickle it was like my purpose in life had finally been found.


Making Tax less taxing with Go Simple Tax | Review

Blogging does make me some money. There! I have said it! Something that seems to have so much taboo surrounding it is finally on paper (well screen) on my blog. I do make some money from blogging. The reason I am emphasising the some is because it is not a lot. Some bloggers can make blogging their full time job and main source of income (massive pipe dream of mine right there) but for me it brings in enough for a few treats every now and again which is lovely. The reason I am telling you this is because as with any income, this blogging income is taxable. Being self employed and dealing with tax is something that I had NO clue about until I started making a bit of money from my blog so when I was contacted and asked if I wanted to review a new service to help people with their tax returns I jumped at the chance!!
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I can't wait to get rid of my toddler!! | Blog

Some days I can't  wait to get rid of my child!!!! I literally count down the seconds until it's time for me to drop him off at my mums for the day and I actually look forward to going to work so that I can get a break!!! And do you know what?? I don't even feel bad for it!!

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Toddlers are hard!! Pickle seems to have really thrown himself into the terrible 2s recently and he is taking the role really seriously. 'No' and 'Mine' have become his favourite words, he's starting to try and argue back and reason with me ('one more' is a particular frequent phrase we get at the moment) and the meltdowns are coming thick and fast over the tiniest of things... last night it was because the dog licked his toe!! Pickle is being exhausting at the moment and some days dropping him off at my mums is a bloody relief!!!


Win this Easter with Rattan Direct | Competition

Easter is just around the corner and this is the first year that Pickle has really been interested in it. He has been loving doing Easter themed crafts and has especially loved going on Easter Egg hunts...I mean who doesn't enjoy a good Easter Egg hunt?!? I'm 28 and secretly love getting involved and 'helping' pickle when he does them. The guys at Rattan Direct know that everyone loves an Easter Egg hunt so they have put together a super hunt competition that couldn't be easier to enter!!

Rattan direct is offering one lucky person the chance to win a gorgeous Barcelona 5 piece rattan garden cube set in black and vanilla which is currently priced at £649!!! This amazing set includes:
  • Four cube chairs and a rattan table
  • a full set of covers
  • all items in the rattan cube set are covered in a super comfy 6cm thick cushion
  • A fully woven table top with tempered glass
  • Strong powder-coated aluminium frame
  • 2 year structural warranty

Amazing right?? This set would set your summer off on the right step and entering to win couldn't be easier! All you need to do is watch a short video and count how many chocolate eggs and bunnies you can find hidden in the video. Easy right?!?!?

Enter here to be in with a chance to win this EGGceptinal prize and make sure you HOP to it as the competition closes on 30th April 2017!

note: this is a collaborative post 


I am sick of it!!! | Blog

I know it is a part of life and that everyone does it to a point and blah blah blah but is anyone else just sick to death of it?!?!?
Recently all I have seen on the news is judgement.
What parents pack for school lunches...the good old breastfeed in public crap...leaving children in the car whilst you go and pay for your petrol... at the moment it seems like us parents cannot do right for doing wrong and I am so done with it.
Why does everything that we parents do have to be judged? Don't get me wrong, if your leaving your baby in the car whilst you go and do your weekly shop or your packing your kid off to school with a family sized bar of galaxy and a babybel for their lunch then yes you are not doing the right thing and will be judged but for the every day parent who has their head screwed on properly then I don't think we