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Before I had pickle I had always thought that I would struggle to get pregnant. I don't know why. Nothing has every happened to make me think that it would be an issue but a little voice in the back of my mind always told me that I shouldn't get my hopes up about being a Mum. As I grew up I always said I wanted children but wasn't too fussed. I wasn't one of these people that everyone knew wanted to have kids...I was a bit of a take it or leave it type of person. But..that was just a front. Deep down in my heart I had always wanted to be a Mum. For me, it wasn't about having loads of children or a certain gender, it was just about being a Mum and when I had pickle it was like my purpose in life had finally been found.

I read something recently where a blogger was saying how being a Mum shouldn't define a person and how people whose life ambition is to be a mother are weak and have no aspirations. They wrote about how women should be so much more than just mothers and how being a mother is great but it should be the be all and end all. I disagree so much!

Being a Mum has made me. The moment pickle came into my life I honest found what I was put on this earth to do. My previous 24 years on this earth had just been preparation for that moment. The moment where I became a mother. It was honestly like everything fell into place and I realised why I was here. Sounds really dramatic I know but this is the way I honestly feel.

I still have Ami time and enjoy spending time just me but pickle is my world and everything I do is for him. Every action I make is always with him in mind and for him. Every plan I make has him at it's heart. Every thought I have always has him in the back ground. Boarderline obsessive? Maybe :) but he is my world and becoming pickle's Mummy has honestly made me.

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